Mushrooms and Hillbillies

All violin players, hillbillies or not, look concerned when they’re playing

Mushrooms and Hillbillies


It’s been so long since I’ve last posted, please forgive me for that. I really appreciate everyone who reads my blog, and I’m not finished blogging, nor will I be soon. I’ve just been really busy, which is a great blessing–so many things are going on in my life. The biggest is my work, which is what I wanted to eat up my time. I have been working around five to six hours a day for five days a week. It’s not that much, but it takes up a lot of time–and–more than that, it totally takes the energy out of me. I have not been promoted to cashier, nor have I heard anything about that, but I did talk to someone who works in Bakery. I asked her if they let people do shifts in the Bakery Dept. without fully transferring. She responded with an emphatic yes, please come help, we need a lot of people. She said that they run dangerously close to being understaffed (bad sign), and that they could use my help! So, I am going to see about getting some baker’s shifts when I go in today. Still, Bakery at H.E.B. is mostly unwrapped pre-formed dough and cakes and putting them in the oven, and then posting the sign that says “Fresh Baked This Morning!” It’s better than bagging groceries though, and the girl with whom I spoke said that the bread is handmade, which is exactly what I want to do! So hopefully that works out today.

When I work at H.E.B. I am either bagging or working outside in the parking lot. It’s really about 50/50 and I enjoy them about the same, but sometimes one is more fitted towards my mood. If I am cheerful and energized then I like to work inside; if I want to have some alone time and listen to music then I work outdoors. Outdoors is tough work. We stack up carts and drag them places using basic cords and strength, not a lot of brain applied. It is good work though, working up a sweat and a tan, and we can listen to our iPods. I would be really happy to have some Bakery shifts though–it would provide even more variety to my H.E.B. routine; and, if I get Cashier and Bakery shifts, I’ll be one happy camper.

Speaking of camping, for Memorial Day yesterday my Mom and I went for an early morning hike in the newly opened Harderberger Park. It is really beautiful, and it’s located just off Blanco Road. I won’t say we got lost, but we didn’t really know exactly where we were, despite signs and marked paths. It was ok though, because we had no hurry and were on a loop, so we knew if we just walked for a long enough time we would be fine. It was really nice getting to talk to my mom about life and summer plans and other good things. I love her and really appreciate spending good time with her; plus, I like waking up early and doing things–it makes that day special.

I woke up early (5:30) this morning so I could give my dad a ride to the airport. That was also really cool because I got to talk to him. He will only be gone for a day in Phoenix, AZ, and then he AND HIS BOSS are coming to San Antonio to take me and my mom out for dinner minus me he’s just taking my mom out 😦 Kidding of course, partially (I think it would be cool to meet him), but it’s still cool for my mom to meet him! I got to talk to my dad this morning as I drove him, and we talked mostly about one thing. We talked about a girl named Hayleigh I took out for a date the night before, and then went to breakfast with after I dropped my dad off. Hayleigh is really cool, and I’ll keep you posted on how things work out with her.

In the meantime, I have work later today, to which I will bike! I have been biking to work and it rocks. I listen to music and it gets my heart racing, which gives me more energy at work. I work till about six and then will come home and try to eat more leftovers from Memorial Day. We had a great meal that was 70% vegetables from the farmer’s market on Saturday. After I eat more leftovers, I will hopefully see KungFuPanda2 with Gabi and some others. Those are my plans! That’s my life!

I’ve been baking a lot lately: nutty rosemary sandwich bread, Sourdough Loaf II, Rhubarb Pie, Whole Wheat Bread, and  pie crust (probably not doing the crust again). So fun! And looking for more fun things to try!

Anyway, I promise to be more vigilant with my posts, and hopefully THE MOBILE BLOG APP WILL START ALLOWING ME TO UPLOAD PICTURES AGAIN. Otherwise my blog is bland and black 😦




I realize now, after working basically all day, that a lot of my life revolves around food. I woke up today, and of course ate breakfast–typical human thing to do, but still food. And, the food was leftover the night before when we ate at a Dough, a very foodie restaurant (hate that word, love the idea). Anyway, after breakfast I got coffee, for free!, at Valero. Then I went and worked at the farmer’s market from 7:30 to 1:00, which is food-centric as possible. I sold food, talked about food, cleaned food, labeled food, and was really only there in the first place because I love the idea of organic, local food. Food!

Then, after that I went home where I fixed myself some food that was completely local and/or homemade. Bread, vegetables, fruit–that kind of thing. Then I went to Luke’s (ok not food). Then, I went to H.E.B. where I worked around food all day. I bagged it, ate some of it, cleaned and organized it, and marveled over the unique qualities of it. Food!

I don’t like the word foodie, and I’m not, although I do appreciate food. However, I feel like it has become a really big part of my life lately, but I think that is inevitable if you’re interested in eating locally and wholly. When you think about where your food comes from and who grew it, about how you’re cooking it and what it took to make it, you spend a lot more time making sure that what you’re eating is worth your time and good for the Earth. So, because that’s what I am interested in, I just spend a lot more time surrounding myself in the culture. I don’t know if this farmer-foodie schtick is what I want for myself, but it’s where I am now and I really like it.

In other news, the Champions League Final was the only normal-teenage activity of my day and it was a very good day. And in even other news, I am very tired and respect people who work two jobs on a continuous basis. And the in news farthest away from the original news as possible, I am very much liking the unique niche I have right now.

Oh and another thing, I have decided to keep a list of places that gives me free drinks (coffee, soda, other), because I have my own reusable bottle. The first one on my list is the Valero on Huebner and Bitters.


Comic Relief, Writer’s Block, and Aproposity

I realized that many of my most recent posts have been sort of serious, and I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression of me: I take nothing seriously. Just kidding, I take a lot of things seriously, but I’m not serious all the time–seriously.

Anyway, because I feel like I have been in a chain cycle of spending the night at someone’s house and then waking up and going to work, I have very little about which I can write. I could write volumes about H.E.B. and the typical slumber party rituals of eighteen and nineteen year old guys, but I try to keep things interesting here.

So, because I heard that the Concealed Weapons bill was not passed, I thought I could kill two birds with one copy&paste. I will have more to write about after tomorrow, because I will essentially be working from 7:30 to 10:00 at night. I could also write about the delish dinner I had at Dough, but I will abstain from lingering on their odd mix of local and extremely un-local food.

This is an article that I wrote for the Travesty at UT. I sent it in a little too late, and the editor responded that it was good, but they had already picked an article that covers the same topic. Nonetheless, I liked it and so did he; and, since the Concealed Weapons bill has not passed, it is now officially time to make fun of the ludicrous nature of Texans’ obsession with the right to have guns, whether we use them or not. Also, it obscures my writer’s block so no one will know I can’t write anything original right now.

More Students Get Gun Licenses To Protect Themselves From Students Who Have Gun Licenses To Protect Them From People With Guns

In what can only be described as a ridiculous Russian-doll situation, students are buying gun licenses and guns in order to protect themselves from students who obtained gun licenses in order to protect themselves from people who might bring guns onto campus.

“I don’t know who’s going to have the gun,” says senior William McClerk, “but I’m going to have my gun. So if he tries to shoot anyone, I’ll shoot him first.”

Another student standing next to McClerk says that he is uneasy about students with concealed weapons. “That guy you just talked to? The one who said he has a gun? I don’t trust him. If he pulls out his gun I’m going to shoot him before he starts shooting people.”

Two students near the second student said “Don’t tell anyone—but we have guns with us right now. We don’t trust anyone out here. If someone pulls out a gun I’m going to shoot him.”

“Honestly? I think someone is going to snap soon,” said one paranoid looking student. “And when they do I’ll shoot them.”

Local gun stores have begun setting up kiosks that offer on-site license grants, extra ammunition, and firearms. Business is booming and lines are long as students fear they will be the only one without guns.

“We’re trying to get some sort of vending machine sytem set up” says Buck McGavin, owner of Texas Guns and Weapons. “We just want people to be safe and have guns.”

Comic Relief, Writer’s Block, and Aproposity


I started work again at H.E.B, a grocery store here in Texas. I have been working there, on and off, for a little more than a year and a half. This summer marks the second summer I will have a job here, and so I have decided that I need to change things up. I bag the groceries, do carry-outs, and perform other knick-knack services, but I want to be a cashier. Being a cashier comes with a pay raise, more variety of action and utilization of thought, and a little bit more complexity. It’s not too different, and it might even be less fun because there is less mobility, but I need a change. Because I worked at Rasta Pasta and now at the farmer’s market as well, I have been spoiled with good jobs, and to return to H.E.B. lands me back in the land of seven-hour mediocrity.

If I do not get promoted to Cashier, which is quite possible, then I am going to try and find another job, possibly as a baker. I have applied to Panera Bread to work the “third shift,” a 10pm to 6am baking shift. I’m not totally sure if I would do it or not, and if I would quit my job at H.E.B., but I had to start the process. I also plan on applying at a local bakery on Dezavala near Clark, called Broadway Bakery. It is locally renowned and I recently went for only my second time yesterday. I do not remember the first time I went so well, but I know it was before I appreciated the craft and thrill behind baking. After my last visit, I realized that working at Broadway would be my dream summer job. I am going to apply there tonight, but I cannot see why they would hire me. It looks like they were fully manned, and I don’t have any formal experience. Then again, everyone who now has “formal experience,” at one point was in my shoes, on the outside peering in. I will apply, and I might even print an application and bring it in to the store so I can talk to a manager and see if that helps secure me anything. It’s funny though, because at H.E.B., your resume doesn’t really matter, just your people skills. At a bakery, it’s almost the complete opposite; there is almost no customer interaction, but a high level of skill is necessary.

Regardless of what happens, I’ll keep you posted on how my job adventure turns out.