1. You can see in the second picture ( the back of my head) that I have a red mark right above the nape of my neck. This is a birthmark, I promise I am a human. It’s more of a problem for you guys though, cause I never see it. So DEAL WITH IT.

2. Why did I get this haircut? Good question. To know the answer to that question two things must happen. One: I must tell you the answer to the question. Two: you have to understand how I think (if you find out, please tell me).

Before I had my hairs cut, I used to have long, effeminate blonde hair. My parents didn’t like it and my dad heckled me about it and its unruliness. My mom was torn between a puppy-love for my pretty hair and a Satan-hate of my slovenly appearance. My brother showed me off like a prize-poodle to his friends, and I took every bit of this freak-show attention. The reasons I had long hair are numerous in themselves, but that is another story, one that I will most likely never tell. Regardless, it was long.


Up to the point at which I had my hairs cut, my hair was longer than it had ever been before, so cutting it was no small (mental) matter. I woke up every morning and my hair was longer than it had ever been before, and that was really cool to me. Also, I really liked experiencing people judge me. They looked at me with my long hair, earrings, odd clothes and went to Judgement-town. Which I liked! I loved not being what people wanted me to be, or look like in this case.

So, if I liked my long hair so much why did I cut it? First of all, long hair is a hassle. Props to y’all ladies, long hair is so much work to maintain and I wasn’t digging it. Second, long hair had run its course in my life, and I found that the only reason I was growing it was to prove to myself that I was different than others, which is wrong in my eyes. It was wrong because by not wanting to do what “the MAN” wanted, he was even further in my head, forcing me to do something I didn’t want to do (keep my hair long) just to prove I was different. He still controlled me! The key, I learned, is not growing your hair or shaving it, because either can be what society expects you to do. The key is to do what you want! Which, is what I thought I was doing. In fact, it was what I was doing, until the point came to pass where I was just growing my hair for the sake of proving OTHER PEOPLE wrong. Then it backfired; I wasn’t doing it for me, I was doing it for others.

Henceforth, Jackson (E.E.) Cummings cut my hair masterfully and people have been staring at me ever since.



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