Great day

If you are close to me, you would have no place to sit because I have very few chairs in my dorm. If you are a close friend of mine, you would know that I had a rough day yesterday. I had what could only be described as a Series of Misunderstandings with a few of my close friends. I have asked for their forgiveness and am blessed to have received it, but I’m grateful nonetheless. However, when I woke up earlier than I would have liked because Sean was being noisy this morning, you can imagine I was irritable. Poor Sean has had a really rough week with school and was running on about three hours of shut-eye, so I didn’t gripe to him, but cut him a break. Plus, the only reason I remember it at all is because he never wakes me up, this was an aberration of his normally wonderful “sleeping roommate” etiquette. Regardless, my morning started badly.

Then, everything turned around when I went to have my teacher-student meeting with my amazing World Lit professor, Lisa Moore. My entire class has been working on the freshmen equivalent of our theses all year for her. Today, we all waited outside her office as she called us in for individual five-minute meetings where we did two very important things. First, we said our official goodbye to a professor who has had an amazing impact on ourlives and my writing. Second, we received our grade for our thesis, worth 25% of our final grade.

Normally, I am very confident in these kind of things, but something about this paper had me on edge. I think it was because I’ve never written a paper that took so much of time that was also something about which I am very passionate. You see, we essentially got to pick our own topic in January and spend the rest of the year reading books Lisa would recommend and forming opinions for our final persuasive paper. My topic was organic agriculture and sustainable meat raising practices, a topic that is very close to my heart and stomach. Writing this paper forced me to learn about the issues behind environmental vegetarianism and local food, rather than idealizing them blindly. Anyway, I earned an A+ on the paper and genuine praise from Lisa on my eleven page paper. It was amazing for me because she is the most accredited person to ever review my writing and she said it was good, so that mean a lot to me.

After that I met up with my friend Mike to go to Travis High School for Young Life, but we got the scheduling wrong about when they had lunch. So, instead of going to eat with them, we went to Magnolia Cafe and talked about our school year and long week. After, we played a quick game of FIFA (I won both, it was two actually) and then I had an Art History test to take. The test was essentially our Final, and covered Mesoamerican, Gothic, Romanesque, and Islamic Art. I didn’t study nearly as much as I should have, but still left the Art Building feeling really confident.

Immediately after, I called the restaurant I work at, Rasta Pasta, to see if I was on the schedule to work because I believed I was. My manager responded that I had been on the schedule, but had been scratched off and wasn’t working today. That was great news, but only half of my business with Rasta. The other half was that at work I was going to tell them I had to leave for the summer and couldn’t work during finals, so today would have essentially been my last day. As I hinted that I could not work over the summer, my manager interrupted and said that I could swing in and pick up my check and call them when I get back to UT in the Fall, which is exactly what I was hoping he would say! So, I didn’t have to work, I had a check waiting, I left my job in good standing with my boss, and have a possible job in the Fall!

So, what started as a bad morning with only the thought of a bad day yesterday, turned into a really great day! I am blessed and thanked God for having such a good day, and now all I have is a Biology Final next Friday and I’m done. Also, I still have a ridiculous haircut that made Lisa (my professor) laugh for a good two minutes.

Great day

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