Killing Friar Mark

On Friday at 1:30 I killed Friar Mark, and Swimmer Mark was born. Looking like an idiot was fun for a few days, and I’m actually happy to say I didn’t really learn anything profound from the experience. I looked funny and people stared and laughed and then I cut it. One thing the experience does hint at is the difficulty of having a physical abnormality that would cause people to stare. I can tell you that it’s funny to have people look at my hair and think “what a boob,” cause I knew I was just going to shave it. When you are born a certain way and will look that way for the rest of your life though, it would be a lot less easy to bare. It took a lot of confidence for me to not wear a hat, knowing that I would have to endure the gawps. So, it made me respect people like burn victims and cancer survivors a lot more. Mad props to ya’ll, I did it for two days and it was hard.

But, on a lighter note, someone did look at me and choke on their coffee when I walked through the NUTSAC (New UT Students’ Activity Center), so that was hilarious.

Oh, and pictures.






Killing Friar Mark

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