Being Homeless for a Night

I am in a constant state of accomplishing tasks that are on my Bucket List, and a few can only be done at certain times or in certain places. One I plan on doing tonight is sleeping outside with a group of homeless people, to see what the experience is like. I have wanted to do this for a few months now because I have learned more about what life is like when you do not have a home or job. I have worked at Feed My People, a Christian volunteer service that feeds homeless people breakfast in Austin for free Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:00. Through this experience, I have become friends with some hilarious people, some of whom have the misfortune of being homeless. I have a lot of experience camping outdoors, but never in a city, and never with people I do not know.

Tonight I will go to the University Methodist Church on 24th and Guadalupe because around twenty homeless people sleep there every night. I will go wearing pants and a shirt, with my Bible, pillos, phone, wallet (no money), keys, and notepad on which I intend to write. Most likely tonight will be uneventful because I do not plan on talking to the other homeless, just living a night in their (physical) circumstances. I will try to not talk to them because I do not want to have to explain why I am doing what I am because I think they might find it condescending.

I cannot tell you much more about what will happen now, but tomorrow I will blog about what happened.

Being Homeless for a Night

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