Sean Left :(

Sean just packed up and left Moore Hill Dormitory room #366 and I’m crying like a girl with something in her eye, watching “The Notebook,” and cutting onions. I am sad mostly because he took the TV, Xbox, pretzels, floss, and hole-puncher; but I am also sad because my beloved red-head is gone. Ever since I was a little boy, I have surrounded myself with red-heads so I can feel better about myself by comparing myself to them. At birth it was my father, then my brother as I grew up. When I reached high-school the red-head in my life was Steven Fitzsimmons, and I knew that only Sean Henry Flack could fill my ginger gap in college.

Sean is literally the best roommate in the history of the entire world, and I’m not even exaggerating. He is considerate and kind in roommate related matters (not waking me up, letting me borrow stuff, helping with cleaning), but he has also become a really good friend to me. He is my muse and I feel uninspired without him farting a few feet from me. I miss the way he shortens words, doesn’t pause when saying the word “dog” at the end of a sentence (how’s the paper-dog?), groans after exercising, never is fully clothed, sings random lines in songs, is a worthy opponent in FIFA, own a museum of golf-polo’s, and hits Mike. There are a lot of mushy things I could say about how good of a Christian, boyfriend, friend, and roommate he is, but I’m going to stick to funny things in case he reads this.

Sean and I barely knew each when we decided to room together, and he only asked me to room with him because people suggested it and we gelled a little during the two days we had hung out beforehand. We meshed so well and have gone on to become best-friends, both of us learning from the other. Sean is a great guy and it stinks he had to leave, but I’m glad to know we’ll be spending plenty of time together this summer. He’ll be working at Laity Lodge for a few weeks, but I’ll look forward to seeing him plenty afterwords. We’re rooming together next year along with Will McCraney and Michael Tyler, and things are going to be hilarious and I look forward to it. But until that, Fitz and my dad will have to combine to fill the red-headed gap in my heart that it took only one Sean to fill.

Sean, you rock-dog

Sean Left :(

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