Back at Home

This is my first post from home and my last! Just kidding, but it is my first. The computer screen is nicer, the keys have less peanut butter in them, and the words are bigger! Everything about summer blogging is 10x better than school blogging. Except for that I can’t blog about school :/

Well, the big news right now is that out of four classes, I have three A’s and I don’t know my last grade. So, yes, you are right, I am a genius.

Also, more big news, in fact, compared to the other “big news,” this is technically the only one that should qualify as big news. My brother is leaving for ROME. Did you see where he is going, I typed it in CAPSLOCK. ROME! For five weeks! Everything about my brother leaving rocks, except for that he is going to be gone. Also, it stinks because he leaves tomorrow so we get very little bonding time together. On the plus side, he’ll be back in mid-June, so it’s not like he’s even gone for half the summer. He will be taking two classes there, a Roman History class and a Counter-Culture in America (not about counter-top culture, he doesn’t like that joke so don’t make it).

My family (me) has convinced him to start a blog so he can upload the pictures he takes as he travels. More importantly, he will be able to recall facts and stories about the pictures on his blog because the experience will be fresh in his mind. He will hopefully blog once a day with pictures of sites, people, food, buildings, funny Italians, and other kooky Roman things. I will post his URL as soon as he creates the blog.

Because my lovely brother is leaving, I tried to spend some bro-time with him today—and boy did we chill hard. We went to Whole Earth because he wanted to buy his first pair of Chacos sandals. Needless to say, I am proud of him and teared up at how quickly children grow. He looks so cute in his little forest-green striped sandals


*Interesting fact* I got my first Chacos right before my family went to Rome before my senior year. Now, Daniel is getting his first Chacos before he goes to Rome for Study Abroad! I like the way this is going. If both my parents get Chacos, that’s at least two more trips to Rome.

I am going to miss his red-head a lot, but I will blog more about him as the summer goes on, and hopefully you can keep up with Dan the Traveling Red-Headed Man yourself!


Back at Home

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