Ciao, Brother

He’s goooooonnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee forever until he returns in a month. This morning I woke up early to accompany my bro et al. to the airport so we could say goodbye. 20110515-013052.jpgIt was not really an emotional affair, mostly I guess because he won’t be gone for too long, and we hadn’t had too much time to connect in the first place. Daniel had only been at home for four days, and I was only around for two of them. It’s almost just like he’s going back to college or something. Plus, he has a Google Phone oooo fancy, upon which we can call him for free! Take that Vonage!

So, he took off after we said our goodbyes and lumbered goofily through security and was off to the birthplace of Western Civilization to gingerize it. I told him to watch out for Hilary Duff, Russel Crowe, Ben Hur, Berlusconi, and the Pope.

*Interesting note* There is a rumor that the world may end on May 21st, 2011, and so we wanted Daniel to be prepared. Hopefully he will be in the Vatican on May 21st just in case, cause there’s not many better places to go, except maybe Area 51. If that goon ever does start a blog, I told him to blog from St. Peter’s on the 21st, so watch out for traveling-Dan’s blog posts.

After we dropped off my bro, we went to UUMC (church) and then I went to Mass at SEAS Church. My parents are at lunch and so I had to eat alone, for the first time in a long time. Usually at college I can just text someone to go grub, but now that I’m alone, I’m alone. What misery!

In other news, I’m going to the beach tomorrow for a few days and might not blog, but I don’t know at the moment. But, I will blog later tonight about my current project.



Ciao, Brother

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