What a sunburn

This always happens, no matter how careful I or any of my friends are. I put on sunscreen on four different occasions in what was probably a – period at the beach. Does the Sun care about the amount of effort I put into not damaging my skin? No, the Sun mocks me. It just gets hotter the more sunscreen I put on. If SPF 85 can’t do it for me, then I think my next option is wearing a mirror-suit. I don’t have a terrible sunburn, but I definitely have one; and, I have a sunburn on a place on which I have never before had a sunburn. Can you guess? Is there one aspect of my body that was recently uncovered and is rarely exposed to the Sun? Perhaps the word “friar” would have been better spelled “fryer?” The answer is my head, my head is sunburnt. My head look like a pale strawberry, with a soft pink base and small, stiff hairs poking forth. It doesn’t feel like a strawberry though, it feels like a burnt head.

After I baked myself all afternoon, we came back into Sean’s beach house to chill and get ready for dinner. We went to a cool fish place where the fish was actually legitimately fresh and the waiter was really nice and friendly. After that, we came back and played cards and talked cause we were really tired and sun-spent. We went to some friends of our’s house to hang out with some other college peeps and then drove to a condo to hot tub. The hot tub was fun and hilarious, and it was really relaxing and actually felt good on the sunburn. After that we came back around one, and I schooled everyone at Gin Rummie.

This morning we’ve all woken up at staggered times and staggered around. Everyone is stiff and crackly from the Sun, and we haven’t been back outside yet. Garrison, Luke, and I ate breakfast and then Sean and Ashley woke up. We started making beef fajitas about an hour ago but have had some funny, typical college-kids-cooking problems. We’re about to finish them up then and enjoy some lunch. After that: beach and pool (maybe), cards (definitely), and some reading and napping. So far, so good!

What a sunburn

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