Summer for real this time

Nooooooow it feels like summer.
I got back from the beach last night and was part of a hot-tub fiasco that resulted in me staying up late and NOT GETTING TO HOT TUB. That was disappointing, but I was tired and fell asleep despite my skin’s cries for soothing, warm bubbles.

This morning I woke up and continued my quest to get a job working on an organic farm this summer. I went to the farmer’s market at Leon Valley (Wednesday’s 8:00-1:00) and began begging vendors to hire me. One seemed interested and asked me to call him about details at three o’clock this afternoon, a.k.a. ten minutes from right now. I’ll blog later if I get the job; actually, I’ll blog regardless, but it’ll be a lot happier blog if I get the job.

After that I went to the bank to deposit the checks I earned working at Rasta Pasta in Austin. Then, I used part of that money to buy molasses for some recipes I plan on doing. They had organic molasses! It was more of a fair trade shtick, but I gladly paid the extra to give a hard-working sugarcane farmer what he deserves.

After that I came home and began baking some basic whole wheat sandwich bread, but apparently no one in my house eats sandwiches anymore and therefore find it completely unnecessary to buy any loaf bread. It’s rising right now and I’ll take a picture when it’s done. And I won’t let my parents eat it.

In other bread news, my mind’s yeast infection hit a stumbling block. I forgot to feed my yeast when I went to the beach, and so it might have died. You might be wondering: “what do you mean ‘might’ have died? Can’t you tell?” The answer is no, I can’t tell if it’s dead or not. It looked like brown goop when it was “alive,” and it looks like brown goop now. So, I fed it and set it outside to soak up the bacteria.

Time to call the farmer’s market vendor! Wish me good luck! DO IT. WISH ME GOOD LUCK.


Summer for real this time

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