Status Update

Reading right now: 1. The Life of Pi by Yann Martel (my favorite book of all time, fourth time re-reading it. I recommend it to all.) 2. The Bible ( I am on a 90 day, read the whole Bible plan that divides daily readings into three sections. Right now I am in Numbers, Psalms, and Luke. 3. The Deathly Hallows (Also a re-read in preparation for the movie coming out in July.

Thinking about: 1. Working my first day at the farmer’s market at Olmos Basin tomorrow. 2. Starting work at H.E.B. on Monday. 3. “The Rapture” supposedly occurring tomorrow. 4. What to bake next. 5. Why it is so hard to grow yeast

Listening to: “Grown Ocean,” “Sim Sala Bim,” “Lorelai,” “Battery Kinzie,” – (Fleet Foxes). “Calgary” (Bon Iver). “Bring em’ Home” (D’veloped). “Pumped Up Kicks” (Foster the People). “Brown Trout Blues,” “The Box,” “The Wrote and the Writ,” “Tickle Me Pink,” “All the Dogs are Lying Down,” – (Johnny Flynn). “Distraction #74” (The Avett Brothers).

Planning to: continue learning the guitar, write to the San Antonio Express News, go play basketball, get some sleep tonight!

Celebrating: having amazing friends, God, 4.0’s, having amazing jobs, hair growth!, ACL setlist, people subscribing to my blog!, getting to know my parents as people, blessed opportunities

Status Update

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