Farmer’s MARKet

Ya that’s right the title is dumb, but I’m happy about it so what? I worked with Juan this morning at the farmer’s market at St. Matthew’s for about two hours selling herbs and peppers. His particular operation is modest, but he organizes all the vendors and directs and coordinates them to several different locations throughout the week. The selling is slow, but Juan makes time to talk with every customer that wants to talk. He knows volumes about herbs and is a horticulturist in his heart as well. He knows loads about growing any kind of plant, and he can tell you how to cook it, how to use it medicinally, and what the plant likes and dislikes.

Since Juan is the head-honcho of all the vendors, he said he has already spoken with the other farmers and told them I am available as a farm hand. I spoke with another farmer named Horacio and he said he could give me some work. I am happy with my position now though, because I am getting to know the people and environment slowly. Plus, I will learn more about the environment of organic agriculture from the position I am in. I would learn less about the politics and science of the matter if I were back-bent over a bean crop eight hours a day. What I am doing now is good, and has the potential to get better if I can help farmers on a need basis. I am not fully satisfied with not getting any on the farm experience, but what I have going is very valuable too. Plus, considering that I start work at HEB soon I cannot hope to work too much.

The next item I will be scratching off my bucket list is the one that has says I will eat red onions and dark chocolate before I go to bed. I will do this so that it gives me lucid dreams, something that I rarely have. Literally, I don’t dream big. Both dark chocolate and red onions enhance dreaming for whatever reason, so I will eat both before I go to bed. Then, I am going to set my alarm to wake me up every hour, on the hour. Every time I wake up I will have a pad of paper and pen so I can record what I dreamt. I will do this experiment on Sunday night and post the results on Monday. All I need is a red onion (I work at a farmer’s market!) and some dark chocolate.

But, next big thing in my life is the job tomorrow with Juan at the farmer’s market at Olmos Basin. I am working from 7:30 to 1:00, and if you want to come by, I would sure love a visit!

Farmer’s MARKet

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