The best day of my life

Why? Because the world didn’t end!

Also, the farmer’s market killed this morning. I got a little lost trying to find the Olmos Basin Park, but I made it by 7:30 and met Penny. Penny is Juan’s wife and she rocks pretty hard. I learned more about herbs in six hours than I had learned in the previous eighteen years of my life, and I learned enough to sell them with seeming credibility. People were asking me questions about how tall certain herbs grow, how to cook with them, and whether they’re full or half-sunlight. I answered with the responses that Penny taught me a few minutes prior, and the customers walked away impressed that I grew all the herbs myself and knew so much about them. Like taking candy from a pre-natal baby. So I worked there till 1:30, met a lot of other farmers, got some hook-ups on jams and vegetables, then scored sixty male deer. I took some pics of the view from behind the stand, but the weather was terrible this morning.



I came home and ate and decided my next bread would be 50% because the herbs this morning inspired me, 50% because I want to try my yeast (poolish), 50% because my family doesn’t eat the sandwich bread and they ate all the biscotti I didn’t freeze, 50% because I’m going to be busy this week and want to bake now, 50% because I want to!

Also, I finished The Life of Pi last night and have entered full Harry Potter mode. So if you want to talk HP, holla at me.

The best day of my life

One thought on “The best day of my life

  1. That bread looks amazing! That and the market and Harry Potter and the world not ending – sounds like a great day 🙂
    What did you think of The Life of Pi?

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