Dream Fallout

Screw you Fitz, the voice memo idea didn’t work at all. I don’t know what went wrong–I even did a trial before I went to bed that seemed to work. Maybe I am doing something wrong and the files are just waiting to be found, but at this point, no, there is no evidence or way of relaying the psycho trip my mind went through last night. Please forgive me everyone, but it’s what I always say about technology: the robots will kill us eventually.

In other news, bread! If you remember, I have been really excited about my own sourdough proof and the opportunities that come with it. Well, my proof is now in the “teenage” years of proofdom, which means it can stay in the refrigerator. I only have to feed it once a week (instead of once a day), and the flavor just sits in the fridge and gets more and more rich and sour. But, not before I got to use it to make the very first, one of a kind, inimitable, unseen, inexperience-able, Mark Stenberg Sourdough Bread. I combined one cup of my proof in a sourdough bread recipe and chose to let it rise overnight. I kneaded it again this morning and let it rise for two more hours. I just took it out of the oven an hour ago and had my first one, or two, or three slices. It rocks! It’s so good, no exaggeration. Am I biased? Yes. Does that affect my report of its tasty-factor? Yes, don’t be stupid. But, is it good? I think so.

Also, I made a resurrected recipe of my grandmother’s for Molasses and Nutmeg Cookies. I feel like in Jurassic Park where they take dinosaur DNA from fossils and essentially rehydrate it, cause that’s what I did with this recipe. It had not been made in fifty years or so until I discovered it and made it, but I couldn’t foresee the consequences and now Molasses cookies have taken over the island and they’re smart!(and really, really tasty).

I’m very happy cause my latest two baking experiments have go

ne really well, and, on top of that, I’m knocking off another Bucket List item tonight. I am making a spinach-Swiss souffle tonight! My mom may not eat souffle, and my dad may not be here for dinner, but dangit, I’m making it anyway! Pictures to come.

Dream Fallout

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