Bucket List

I’m mostly glad the world didn’t end on the 21st because I hadn’t finished my Bucket List. So, since then, I have realized that time is precious and the same old codger that made the most recent Doomsday prediction, now says that the real Doomsday is October 21st, a few days after my brother’s 21st birthday, so at least he’ll be able to drink before the world ends. Still, because my life flashed before my eyes, I motivated myself to really get going on my Bucket List, especially the easy things. Cooking things and doing experiments are the simple, do-it-tomorrow type things that I can do this summer. I knocked off souffle last night, and so tomorrow I am going to hand-make pasta, without a pasta-machine (the robots will kill us) or any experience.

After I finished off these easy things, I will have wittled my BList down to the things that either require money (Macchu Pichu), time (learn French), money and time (climb one of the 7 summits), or time and determination and talent and luck (write a book). But i’ll cross those bridges when I come to them, and even at that point I will look for another way around the river. For now I plan on soon knocking out: fasting, staying in bed, eating competition, Bible, and music festival.

But to reiterate: tomorrow = pasta, and hopefully pictures!


Bucket List

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