Dear Mr. WordPress


For some reason, the flawless app you created has malfunctioned; I cannot upload pictures. You see sir, for someone like me who does not have a nice camera, my IPhone is the only way to upload pictures onto my blog. So, I take pictures with my phone, and then using your app, upload them onto my blog. However, whenever I open the picture-loading feature, your blog inexplicably closes, reminiscent of a stubborn child who refuses to be helpful in any way. Your app is the only app on my phone at this time that refuses to function properly, and I’m afraid to admit, but quite frankly, I’d think you’re a little embarrassed.

I have taken the liberty of contacting the BAB (Better App Bureau) and told them the situation. However, I soon discovered no such bureau exists and I was talking to a senile senior citizen. But I digress. Please, for the sake of my blog and its pictorial worth, please fix your app. Otherwise I will be forced to use only Google images. Like this one, which looks similar (but is not the same) to the souffle I baked last night!

I marked “bake a souffle” off of my Bucket List, and the fam ate it up (pun somewhat intended). However, do to your app’s misgivings, I cannot post the pictures that I painstakingly snapped before my sweet souffle collapsed.

Anyways, besides the photo thing, Mr. WordPress, so far you’ve been good to me. But if the B.A.B. ever does come into existence–watch yourself.



P.s. a.k.a. bl0G $h0uT0uT

check my brother’s blog of his study abroad in Rome :

Dear Mr. WordPress

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