High School Friends

I love them: Michael, Trip, Tony, Nate (also a college friend), and Aaron. I love coming back from college and catching up with them and seeing what they’ve been up to. Those guys are some of my best friends, and they always make me laugh so hard. We all went to Nate’s last night for a slumber party, which is our traditional catch-up gathering. There isn’t a lot to do at Nate’s house, which is great, cause then we mostly sit and talk to each other while pretending to be interested in something else. We played a game on the pool table for most of the night (not pool, and I don’t know the name, but I can teach you how to play), we played videogames and watched TV, we ate a lot of junk food, we hung out in various places in his house, and we railed on each other the entire time. I love those guys so much and am so happy we’re still so close.

Michael: My oldest, oldest friend, and my second brother. He will now be going to A&M in College Station after doing his time in Galveston and earning the grades he needed to transfer. He and I are, oddly enough, both interested in Earth sustainability and responsible ecology, just in different forms. He has an awesome girlfriend named Elizabeth who also goes to A&M, and Mike’s parents rock too. He is really funny, will take off his shirt before you know it, officially beat me in the long hair competition, is finally getting a job this summer (!), has the best room of all time, has accompanied me on too many Boy Scout high-adventure trips to count, and is an all-around genuine friend.

Trip (Zach): One of the loudest, most unabashed Cajun Louisianians you will ever meet. He is absolutely hilarious in a way unlike most other people. He is tough and protective of the people he loves, and would be one of the first of our group to get into a fight. He looks like a bouncer at a club, but when you get to know him, he is incredibly deep and compassionate. My favorite quality about him is how he loves his brothers so much, and that he anchored the defensive-line our senior year in high school, which I really appreciated cause I was terrible taking on the big linemen. Trip is boisterous, raucous, rambunctious, and a moveable feast; wherever he is, there will be fun.

Tony: My all time favorite Italian friend. I love Tony because, to me, it seems like he is too courteous and righteous to be living in 2011. Tony is a gentleman and an honest, genuine, loyal friend to an extent to which I have never seen. I have said to my Dad, who knows Tony because he helped me and Michael with our Eagle Scout Projects, that Tony should be a knight in the Medieval Ages. He is chivalrous and well-meaning, and deserves to live at a time when those traits are more highly desired. I think that I could call Tony with any problem and not only would he want to help me–he would.

Nate: The only friend in this group who is with me at UT, and the guy deserves it, cause he’s a genius. I’m not sure exactly what field he wants to be in, either Physical Training or Physical Therapy or something of that nature, but he will be great. Nate is an extremely easy person to like: he’s polite when he should be, he’s affectionate (in a gay way), and he is self-content, which I really admire as a trait. Nate has a girlfriend of more than three years who I think is amazing. Nate is a very good boyfriend, and he goes above and beyond to make Lizzie happy. Nate will be happy long into the future I think, because–at least to me–he seems to be content with what he is doing, at any given time. I love the cuddly guy, and he’s a good center too.

Aaron: I will write my description of Aaron when he shows up for Bro’s Night.

High School Friends

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