The most Local Meal in the Universe

I just ate: handmade pasta with basil pesto and crusty sourdough bread. I made the pasta with ingredients at my house AND organic eggs (not local though). I made the pesto with basil from our backyard garden and various other items in our kitchen. And I made the sourdough bread with my own proof and organic eggs. I know, it’s not that great because the majority of the ingredients aren’t local, and we drank milk from God-knows-where (organic though!). I used canola oil, organic flour, parmesan cheese, and wow, now that I listed all the non-local things I used, it’s barely any! Plus, the highlights of all the dishes were local ingredients: basil, pasta, bread. I’m a pretty happy camper and really enjoyed the meal, and my mom ate the pesto which is a resounding endorsement. “The only pesto that I’ve really ever liked,” says tough food critic Becky Stenberg. I wanted to make the meal perfect so I had some ice cream (not at all local), local strawberries, and some of my Grandma’s molasses cookies. So take that, Food Transportation Industry, I don’t need you! And, if I could add any more insult to injury, I planted some green beans and cucumbers today. I ❤ Earth, and eating it.

The most Local Meal in the Universe

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