I started work again at H.E.B, a grocery store here in Texas. I have been working there, on and off, for a little more than a year and a half. This summer marks the second summer I will have a job here, and so I have decided that I need to change things up. I bag the groceries, do carry-outs, and perform other knick-knack services, but I want to be a cashier. Being a cashier comes with a pay raise, more variety of action and utilization of thought, and a little bit more complexity. It’s not too different, and it might even be less fun because there is less mobility, but I need a change. Because I worked at Rasta Pasta and now at the farmer’s market as well, I have been spoiled with good jobs, and to return to H.E.B. lands me back in the land of seven-hour mediocrity.

If I do not get promoted to Cashier, which is quite possible, then I am going to try and find another job, possibly as a baker. I have applied to Panera Bread to work the “third shift,” a 10pm to 6am baking shift. I’m not totally sure if I would do it or not, and if I would quit my job at H.E.B., but I had to start the process. I also plan on applying at a local bakery on Dezavala near Clark, called Broadway Bakery. It is locally renowned and I recently went for only my second time yesterday. I do not remember the first time I went so well, but I know it was before I appreciated the craft and thrill behind baking. After my last visit, I realized that working at Broadway would be my dream summer job. I am going to apply there tonight, but I cannot see why they would hire me. It looks like they were fully manned, and I don’t have any formal experience. Then again, everyone who now has “formal experience,” at one point was in my shoes, on the outside peering in. I will apply, and I might even print an application and bring it in to the store so I can talk to a manager and see if that helps secure me anything. It’s funny though, because at H.E.B., your resume doesn’t really matter, just your people skills. At a bakery, it’s almost the complete opposite; there is almost no customer interaction, but a high level of skill is necessary.

Regardless of what happens, I’ll keep you posted on how my job adventure turns out.


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