Running Ragged

I am blissfully tired and foot-sore. I have been working every day, biking to work, working outside, running, and staying up late for the last two weeks. Just like in college though, I love being tired and welcome activity! That is why last night I registered for the San Antonio Rock n’ Roll Marathon and today I registered to volunteer as Vacation Bible School at UUMC. I also talked to the manager of the Bakery Dept. at H.E.B. and asked him if they could use any help. He asked “when are you free? That’s when we need you,” and I took that to be good news. As soon as I get my schedule for the upcoming week I am going to let him know and start nestling Bakery shifts in between my regular ones. In addition to that, I sent what must seem like a crazy email to Broadway Daily Bread. I really want to work there, but I sent in my application awhile ago and they said they were not hiring. I assumed even if they were, they were not hiring me. So, I sent another email (this one a little more formal) and offered myself as a Baker Slut. I told them I would basically work for free as an intern, and I can’t really think how they would talk themselves out of free help. But, they probably will.

The reason I signed up for the Rock n’ Roll marathon this morning is because they have a special on June 1st only where the price is reduced by ten dollars. The discount was only for the first 1,000 people though, and so since I was at Fitz’s at two this morning, I registered on his computer. I am now officially registered to run my first half-marathon this November! I have run thirteen miles before, so I know I can do it; I look forward to seeing how I react in such a competitive racing environment, and I am really excited for the experience as a whole. And, I cross it off my Bucket List.

I am excited because I am going to a concert on the 8th of this month in Austin. The band I am seeing is called Noah and the Whale and they are my favorite band. Since they are from Scotland, their American tour is very sparse–they only stop in six locations. I am really happy that they picked Austin as one of them, and I am listening to their music non-stop in preparation. However, also on that day is VBS training, for which I just registered earlier this morning. I sent an email inquiring about the time of the training, and really really really hope that it does not conflict with the concert. As if that weren’t enough, the day before all this, I am helping one of my friends and his family move half their furniture into a summer-house on the Frio River, so I won’t be able to do much that day. He said he’ll pay me $100 for the day, but I think driving out to Concan and back in my truck is going to cost around $120, so we may have to negotiate.

Nota Bene: It’s been real, Shaq. Cell phones do call cancer, so if you call me I’m going to consider it an assassination attempt. I finally baked a presentable loaf of sandwich bread again, one that rose to a legitimate height. Listen to Noah and the Whale.


Running Ragged

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