Daniel Stenberg

My brother is in Rome, Italy right now, probably sleeping because there is a seven hour time difference and it is six a.m. there. He might not be sleeping though, because he and his little “Real Worldesque” group of friends do some ridiculous things and have some crazy adventures.

You are probably wondering how I know about the crazy things he is doing. Keep wondering, I will explain in a moment. He has gotten within poking distance of the Pope, been to Mount Vesuvius, seen a Roma soccer game, eaten multiple good and bad meals (and Mexican!), peed in Mediterranean (I’m guessing), slept in hostels, hitch-hiked, and done things he’s not so proud of to get discounts (I’m assuming). He and around fifteen other college juniors, from all around America, are living together in Rome and going to school during the day. However, the school does not challenge Dan or the others, and so he mostly spends his euros buying trinkets and train-tickets.

Now, how do I know this all? The same way you can: through his blog! I have posted once about his blog before, but at that point I was waiting to see if his determination to record his goings-on was legitimate. It is. He blogs in detail so precise and acute, you would not swear you are there with him–you would swear you are him. He teases with one picture per post, but it is enough to persuade me to try and hitchhike to Rome only to be met with the unfortunate news that I cannot hitchhike across an ocean–go figure.

Also, I think he is the only red-head in Rome and so he is treated as a god and has to continually spurn sacrificed cattle and virginal maidens. His blog is worth the time so I’m going to give you the link and put it on my blogroll.

Daniel Stenberg

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