Bucket List Update

I am calling to order a very important meeting about the status of my Bucket List. I have reached a pivotal point; I am nearly out of things to do on it. In reality, I have more than half of my list left to finish, but as I have said before, there are things that I can do now and things that I most certainly cannot do now, nor can I do them quickly. There are a few items that remain on the list that I plan on accomplishing this summer, but I think the only permanent solution is to add more items.

Perhaps, every time I scratch something off the list, I add something more? It defeats the purpose of me accomplishing all these things before I die if I keep adding to the list, but I think I am not doing my Bucket List with the “I want to do it before I die” mentality. I am doing it with the “I want to do it” mentality. So, as long as I am accomplishing my self-set goals, then I see no reason not to add to the list.

All that being said, the Bucket Items that I plan on finishing this summer: fast for three days, compete in an eating competition, and stay in bed all day. The ones that I know I will finish within the year: read the Bible, go to a music festival, and run a half-marathon. The other items on my list are more difficult for one reason or another, but rest assured I am making plans to complete them as well.

Some ideas that I came up with now to add to the list are: read Ulysses by James Joyce, go camping, fell a tree with an axe, drink a gallon milk, write a song for guitar, play paintball again, and write a short story.

Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.


Bucket List Update

One thought on “Bucket List Update

  1. Hey Mark, I have the same mentality when it comes to my list. My list is HUGE and continuously growing. It’s posted on my blog if you’d like a little inspiration. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog. Cheers!

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