The Four Horsemen Burger

If you are a fan of the TV show Man vs. Food, then hopefully you have seen the episode where he visits San Antonio. For those of you who have not seen the show, Adam Richmond goes to different cities and tours famous, local restaurants. He visits three, and in the first two he shows off their signature dish and usually eats a bite or two; the dishes are usually really large or really unhealthy. At the third restaurant, Adam attempts to beat the restauran’ts eating challenge. Sometimes the challenge is of large portions, sometimes it is spicy food.


When Adam visists San Antonio he goes to Lulu’s, Big Lou’s, and Chunky’s. Lulu’s serves a massive two or three pound cinnamon bun that quite frankly looks amazing. Big Lou’s serves a massive fifty-five inch diameter pizza that feeds twelve to fourteen people, and I have heard it is delicious. Chunky’s is Adam’s third stop, because they offer the Four Horsemen Challenge.

The Four Horsemen Challenge is an incredibly spicy burger, albeit a regularly sized one. It is spicy because it has the four hottest peppers on the planet, right on top of the meat. It is a “half-pound burger made with grilled jalapeños, serrano peppers, ghost chiles (the dreaded Naga Jolokia) and jalapeño jack cheese, plus a dousing of habanero sauce.” To make things more difficult, there is a “25-minute limit to eat the Four Horsemen and a five-minute “no drink” rule afterward.”

This is the footage of Adam attempting to eat the burger.

Luke Harle and I, accompanied by Steven Fitzsimmons, will be attempting to eat the burger tomorrow afternoon. It is only $12.99, and so I will be satisified even if I cannot finish. I don’t have a higher than average propensity for eating spicy foods, but I have the determination of Marshawn Lynch, and hopefully that is enough.


Needless to say, I will blog about the experience tomorrow.

The Four Horsemen Burger

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