A birthday list that I found in my pocket

Dated: February 22, 2011

Birthday: August 24, 1992

Reason for making such an early list: Unknown

1. Hand-knitted scarf from Mom

2. New running shoes

3. Unbroken jaw

4. Registration for Rock n’ Roll Marathon

5. Lots of alcohol

6. Helicopter

I don’t know why I wrote it, but I did, and now I have transcribed it for your pleasure.

Also, I keep a tiny pocketbook with me to write things in if I feel the urge or want to remember something, and I have written some poetry and songs. I think I’m going to start writing them as posts occasionally. If you don’t like it, leave. (Please don’t really leave, just try and grit it out).

Thought you should know: I have been tabbing what happens when I bring a refillable cup into various drink-dispensing locations. For instance, Valero gas station, different Starbucks, the Palladium movie theater, H.E.B., and Wildfire Coffee. Sometimes I get the drink for free, sometimes I pay full price, sometimes I pay full price but get more drink than I should, and sometimes I am not allowed to bring my Nalgene into the Palladium because they are so paranoid about me stealing 45cents worth of soda they hold my Nalgene in the front near the ticket-desk, theoretically.

I thought that we, as consumers (fist pump), should be able to vote more effectively with our dollars. By guiding you towards the more friendly and genial beverage locations, we can support businesses that are nice, and make the world a better place to imbibe.

A birthday list that I found in my pocket

One thought on “A birthday list that I found in my pocket

  1. Mark, I do this too. I have a little book full of nonsensical writings. And on top of that I keep a sticky-note pad on my bedside table. I wake up at two a.m. and think “This might be the best idea I’ve ever had”, reach over and scrawl it down.

    But then I end up with pieces of paper that say things like

    “Bridges of marshmellows-good idea. find way to deal with sun melt.”


    I like your blog. I’ll grit it out 🙂

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