Chunky’s: M-S noon to nine

If you couldn’t tell from clever title, Chunky’s is closed on Sundays. I don’t blame them, I don’t work on Sundays either, but, I do eat hamburgers and other food on Sundays, and so we have reached an impasse. I know you don’t want to work, but I want to eat the product of your work. I will pay for your product. Will you please make me a hamburger on Sunday, Chunky’s? Nope.

So, we didn’t go to Chunky’s and I cried almost enough to raise the aquifer level back up so we would only be on Level One water restrictions! I tried to set up another day to go, but me and my friend’s have crazy weekday schedules and finding the time to get everyone together is looking impossible. But, I’m not letting this spicy opportunity slip through my hands–I will eat that hamburger. If it means going by myself, sitting alone, taking only one bite, crying and leaving, then that’s what I’ll do. Is it what I want to do? No.

Hopefully we will go sometime this week, but if not then I will make my own 4 Horsemen Burger, but instead of peppers I will use candy, and I will replace the meat patty with candy. I will probably replace everything with candy. And defeat it.

This morning I went to church with my family to hear Pastor Ryan Barnett give his farewell sermon, because he has been reassigned to a different church, I believe it is in Corpus Christi (the body of Christ). Pastor Ryan is absolutely amazing; he has been a role model for me and so many other people, and affects people profoundly in small ways. He is young too, only in his early thirties. He just met his now-wife Kim, and they married, a celebration that our church rightfully made into a huge todo. I like Ryan’s story the most because as parables go, he is the worker who has been in the vineyard since the morning. Ryan has been firmly devoted to Christ for almost his whole life–he knew he wanted to be a Pastor. He didn’t realize it in college, he didn’t decide to abandon a sinful lifestyle for Jesus–he has always been a pious Christian. In a world that lauds bad-men-turned-Christian, Ryan never made that change. I understand that the debtor with the larger debt appreciates his debt being cancelled more than someone with a smaller debt, and it is hard and miraculous for non-Christians to convert. But for most cradle Christians like myself, a lifestyle change like that is not a model for my faith, I never had to overcome an obstacle like that. Ryan lived a life like mine: blessed, happy, with its own challenges, but nothing mindblowing. What is mindblowing is that his faith never wavered, and that was apparent in his demeanor and his actions. I will miss Pastor Ryan.

In addition to church day, Sunday has quickly morphed into my baking day. That is not an accident though, because I deliberately set both my work schedules so that I would not work on Sunday. Every other day I have something to do at all points of the day, but on Sunday I have church in the morning and in the evening and everything in between is Mark time. Typically, Mark time is bake time. Today, bake time resulted in two things: Raspberry Almond Bread and Homemade Strawberry Shortcakes. The RAbread was kind of a surprise, I wasn’t planning on making it, but I saw the recipe and I had to do it. Normally, spontaneous baking is encouraged by my family. However, when I bake two things that really occupy the same edible niche, there is a little grating. You see, the Strawberry Shortcakes are the same kind of treat. Both are sweet, fruit-based, eat-any-time-of-the-day breads. The Shortcake is a little different because it requires construction, but I can’t help but feel that I’ve overwhelmed my parents’ appetites with fruit bread. Both are good though, don’t worry.

The strawberry shortcake was planned spontaneity. I got a bunch of free strawberries at the farmer’s market on Saturday morning, but they were really ripe. I had two options: eat one and a half pounds of strawberries in a day, or make a bread with them. I made a bread with them! Sort of. The recipe for strawberry shortcakes is really just a recipe for sweet biscuits, upon which you ladle a (fresh)strawberry-sugar mix and add a dollop of fresh whipped cream. The berries make it so worth it, and I went outside and kissed the ground that birthed them.

The Raspberry Almond bread doesn’t have as interesting of a story, but it does have a dark spot in its past. As I said earlier, I just saw the recipe and picked up raspberries at the store today, no forethought involved. I went home and roasted the almonds, mashed the berries, bada bing bada boom, you got bread. But, here comes the murky secret. I often put the bread in the oven and have to leave, in this case to go running. So I say to my lovely mother “please remove the bread when the timer sounds. ” She says “of course, my sweet.” I say “oh mother, you are an angel!” and we fawn. But, when removing my bread, I tell her story: “it just collapsed.” If you bake, you know that things collapse typically if treated roughly. Sometimes they just collapse, but typically they collapse if mistreated. Sadly, until NCIS shows up, I won’t know what happened. In the meantime, I have the Seth Rogen of bread–ugly but loveable.


And to top off an amazing day, my friend Dahpnee gave me some eggs from her farm this evening. One dozen eggs, high quality, organic, and tasty. Tasty? Yes, tasty. I ate a raw egg right in the middle of my A.C.T.S. team meetings. If I get salmonella, tell Daphnee it was worth it. I bequeath all my belongings to…Barrack.


Chunky’s: M-S noon to nine

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