MM (Meatless Monday)

For me, it’s more like MMTWTFSS, but for many MM is an amazing baby step. Meatless Monday is an event that has spread in a grassroots fashion to bring awareness to an idea. Food advocates everywhere are realizing that we cannot keep eating meat at the pace and rate we do. America alone kills ten billion animals every year for our consumption, but it’s not the killing that is the problem–it’s the raising.

Raising animals requires a few things: food for the animals, space for the animals, and and care for the animals. I am all for eating meat, as long as it has been raised sustainably. Sustainably is a hard term to tack a definition to, but in general it would be free-range, fed a natural (not vegetarian, chickens are not vegetarians) diet, no antibiotics unless the animal becomes sick, breastfeeding for an appropriate amount of time, and time to grow at a natural rate.

Most people agree with me in principle with how our meat should be obtained, and how we should treat the animals that we will kill.

But, most people are not willing to stop eating meat, cold turkey. I am saddened by that, because if demand for unsustainable raised meat–which we control– goes down, then the suppliers will make less. However, while I wish everyone would eat much less meat, Meatless Mondays are a very good compromise. The name explains the concept very nicely: for all twenty-four hours of every Monday, you do not eat meat of any kind. One day. Of every week. No meat.

There are many reasons for giving up meat in its entirety. It reduces your carbon footprint, your water consumption, it’s better for your heart and your joints, and many other reasons you can read here.

Still, for one day of the week, you don’t even need to think about it. Think about other reasons to forgo meat. Save money by replacing the meat portions of your meals with vegetables, or take it as a culinary challenge to make a delicious meal without meat. Try and fool the ones you’re feeding, and see if they notice they’re not eating meat. Heck, see if they care! If food tastes good, people won’t care if there is meat in it or not.

Whatever reason motivates you, use it. Do not eat meat on Mondays.

Maybe it’s too late to start today, but if it’s not, do it! Or just don’t eat meat for the rest of the day. Or just wait till next week. Or, if you’re just plain crazy in the head, don’t eat meat at all!

And if you do eat meat, stare at your pets the whole time, and make sure they’re grateful you don’t eat them.

MM (Meatless Monday)

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