The Concert (Pictures)

 The billboard at The Parish.










The opening act, which started at 8:30, was a band from Canada called The Bahamas.








For their first song, they bathed in red lighting, which was eery. They played “Shape of My Heart.”










I can’t remember what song this was, but I thought it was a good time to take a picture because it showed the band dynamic really well. The lead singer was always at the front, 88% of the time with a guitar. He occasionally just sang and didn’t play. The violinist, who looks like he could be brothers with the lead singer, plays a much larger role in the band than I had imagined; he’s definitely the #2 guy. He played violin, which in the band, is the instrument that provides most of the flair and soul to the music. In songs he doesn’t play violin, he played keyboard, which –in songs that don’t use the violin–use the piano to provide the catchy melody. Basically, violin guy was responsible for the dominant melody, happy or sad, in every song. The bassist was always up near the front of the stage on the right, and looked like my friend George Tharp. The guy on the left played back-up guitar, but he didn’t play every song. In fact, some songs he just disappeared off stage. Then, you can’t see here, but there was a drummer in the back. I’m afraid I didn’t pay too much attention to him, but he did a fine job because he didn’t mess up.








This was when they started the “party” part of the set. They played the beginning part, the “romantic,” the “party,” and then the end. The only sets they announced were romantic and party. The party was the best part, but the romantic didn’t get a fair chance cause it was only two songs. The party part had everyone jumping and going crazy and the violinist absolutley rioted during these songs. It was like a ho-down with the whining violin and the fast guitar strumming.

The Concert (Pictures)

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