Read if You Love San Antonio

First of all, I cut my finger slicing a cucumber, and so you must know that me typing this for you like Curt Schilling playing with the bloody ankle, Michael Jordan with 103 degree fever (not Dirk), or Balto and his sled team pulling the malaria medicine across the Alaskan wilderness. It’s hard and difficult, but I love you guys.

However, I am going to keep the post short, because I found something very cool that hopefully you have not heard of; if you have, don’t spoil it!

I am talking about a blog called “Neighborhoodr.” (45% of readers just sighed with exasperation, rolled their eyes, and thought I’ve heard of that, Mark).

You go to the home website and read what it is. Or, you don’t, and read my nine-fingered summary. Neighborhoodr is a local blog engine that works by communal-city effort. From the homesite, you find your city (San Antonio) and click it. You are redirected to From there you read San Antonians’s posts about upcoming events, celebrations, specials, or you look at cool pictures of San Antonio.

There are even cool videos:

This one is from Austin, and pretty famous/funny:

The coolest thing about the website is that anyone can post!

Get on, let the city know what’s up, so we can keep rockin the epithet of “Most Humble, Nice, Mexican, Fiesta-prone, Mariachi-loving, Urban-sprawled, NBA-Champ City in the World!”

Read if You Love San Antonio

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