Help Wanted

I want to help out stores, and that is why when I see the sign “Help Wanted” or “Now Hiring,” I get excited. I want to go in and apply for a job.

If I could finagle it so that I had three jobs, one from 8-12, one from 1-5, and one from 7-12, I would do it in a heartbeat. I would! I really enjoy working, especially over the summer. I find that “relaxing” and “unwinding” are, well, not overrated persay, just overvalued. Plus it doesn’t take weeks to unwind. For me, I am sufficiently unwound after about three days of relaxation and sloth. Then I want to get back to work.

I figure relaxing is something to do in between doing things; you appreciate relaxation when you have something from which you need to relax. Make sense? In order to have “free time,” you must have “not-free time,” a.k.a. a job. The more busy you are, the more you enjoy and savor your moments of rest or slumber. I don’t like resting all summer, it’s a waste of life. At no point in your life are you going to wish you slept more. No one on their death beds wishes they had done less stuff.

That’s why I work! But not at any job–at a job you like. Or, you can do what I do. I work at H.E.B. to pay the (hypothetical) bills. I put in 20+ hours there because I get a lot of work and decent pay. Then, after you get your base job, you expand into other areas in which you interested. For instance, I have a job at the farmer’s market because I like local and organic produce. I make money doing something I love and being surrounded by people and an environment which I really cherish. I work (volunteer) at V.B.S. because I love the church and messing with kids. I am on the A.C.T.S. team because I love Catholicism and helping God change peoples’ lives through my own stupid one. I love reading, so I got a job watering lawns so I can listen to books on tape. Also, I am applying for a job at Nadler’s Bakery, and think there is a good chance I will get it. I probably won’t work that many hours, but I will be working at one of the best bakeries in town and soaking up experience like a Tres Leches cake.

I also maintain this blog, because I love it! I think about it all day, and wonder continually what the topic of my post will be. Just today I considered doing a Meatless Monday post, a post about Vacation Bible School, a post about the random lady whose tire I helped change, or about my shaky start to Veganism. All those things were on my brain! And I chose this! It’s a lot of work this blog, but I love it, like Nadler’s or the farmer’s market.

I guess the point of this post is to tell you to spend every minute of your summer wisely. And doing something. Relaxing is good to an extent, but I think I speak for most people when I say it’s all about the memories. Get out, do something you love, work!, devote your time and passion to something profound or stupid. But don’t be tricked by the alluring ring of the phrase: it’s good to just relax. Because it’s not!

It’s good to relax, but only if you’re tired from doing something. Be inspired and get tired!

Help Wanted

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