Vacation Bible School

Is so much fun it’s not fair.

I signed up to be a volunteer at UUMC’s Vacation Bible School this year as a way to keep involved with the church over the summer. I was worried that when I left college, with its promotion of my faith and proximity of churches, that my belief system would erode. It’s not a far-fetched idea at all; at college I was surrounded by Christians doing Christian activities, and that helped me grow, without them, I was afraid of what might happen. Not that I was on the verge of Satanism, but it is awful hard to nurture a faith in God when you go it alone. Not impossible by any means, because the one person you need (God), is always with you. Still, as Catholic Theology teachers will tell you, humans are social creatures and do better in community (“and that’s why skipping Mass is a sin!”).

I thought that when I was transplanted back into San Antonio that I would be on an island with my faith. I have my Bible and my strict instructions to read it, but that is probably not enough. I need to get involved and plugged into my local church events. Good thing is, I have two churches! At SEAS, the Catholic church I attend, I am a Young Adult Minister for our upcoming retreat on the 29th. I have put a lot of time into planning and creating ideas and materials for the retreat, and even more importantly, I have met a solid group of Christians to keep me grounded. At UUMC, my older and dearly beloved church, I forced myself into action by volunteering at VBS. The thing is, I didn’t know I was volunteering myself to be a teacher. I have volunteered at various VBS’s, just not UUMC’s. I thought it would be the typical experience, but jazzed up a smidge because UUMC does events like this extremely well. It turns out though, that once you are eighteen or older, when you volunteer you volunteer to teach a class!

That’s right, adults dropping off your kids at Sanctuary with me and asking who the teacher is, it’s me! I’m the one taking care of your children for three hours! You might heave a sigh of relief when you see my co-teacher, Aileen, but don’t let your fears evaporate that quickly, I’m still here!

VBS is great though, and the best part may be that everything is done in 25 minute segments. The reason we do that is because the kids have nonexistent attention spans, and even 25 minutes pushes it. The thing is though, 25 minutes is the perfect amount of time for me, too! And I imagine everyone loves it! We get in, get seated, do whatever, pray and then roll out– six times. That’s it!

I must say that I am quite sexist when it comes to being a teacher. I openly associate with the boys much better, and try as I might to remedy my fault– I can’t, because I don’t want to. I think that third grade boys are hilarious. I have no idea how they think the way they do and manage to breathe and walk, too. When an improvisation actor was taking requests (‘pirate,!’ and he acts like a pirate), a rambunctious boogar in my group yelled out “soldier throwing snowballs at a panda bear!”

Today when we were yelling out what superpowers we wanted, one boy yelled out “I want to mix yellow and green to make a poison sea snake!”

Maverick told me today that he sleepwalked last night and I asked him how he knew. He said because he woke up with an ice cream cone in his nose.

Austin yelled out that his favorite of the 10 Commandments was number 8, and also 2, and 5, and 1 and 3, and 10, and 4.

I’m sexist. The girls are too mature. They sit and listen and learn, and it bugs me so much. The guys wander around, even in small little classrooms, hiding under pillows and picnic tables and smelling Bibles.

V.B.S. goes till Friday evening, and I have a lot more to say, but my finger is still very damaged, and so typing of any sort is a real chore, so please bare with me!



Vacation Bible School

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