State of the Union

I realize it’s been a while since my last post, but I have plenty of excuses, and I’m sure one of them/ a combination of them will get me off the hook.

My list of excuses:

1. Vacation Bible School wiped me out

2. I had (and still have) an injured finger that is critical to typing

3. A.C.T.S. preparation has been picking up

4. I have been house-sitting so I have not had much access to computers during the period of day in which I blog most prolifically (night)

5. I have been active at night for the last week

6. As days go by without me blogging, I think about the size of the blog post that I will need to write to explain what I have been doing. As more days pass, the hypothetical blog post gets bigger, and I grow more and more scared to ever sit down and type.

7. I have been working like a DOG (pronounced doag [like hoag-ie])

8. Did I mention my finger looks like ground hamburger?

I hope at least one of those excuses is good enough for you; if not, please contact me and I can custom tailor an excuse to fit your needs.

Here is the bad news/good news: The A.C.T.S. Retreat for which I have been preparing for so many weeks starts this Thursday! It goes from Thursday at two in the afternoon til Sunday at eleven in the morning. I won’t be able to post anything in the time during, but I will have a monster post Sunday evening.

I guess the notable events of last week were Vacation Bible School, Hayleigh leaving Saturday morning, seeing my Antonian friends on Thursday night, working and getting closer to being cashier, severely hurting my knee after starting Insanity, HAVING MY BROTHER COME HOME ON SATURDAY, going to a wedding that will be on a reality tv show on CMT, making final preparations for the retreat, watching my mustache grow unkempt, preparing to crew-cut my hair, and getting a prayer journal made for me by one of my best friends, Daphnee.

It was an amazing week, but VBS definitely was the focal point of it. It took so much energy away from me every morning, but I was so happy to give it away to those hilarious kids. I have been house-sitting for almost two weeks, until last night when my brother took over so he could get a cut of the money. I should get a sizeable paycheck from the thing, but it really was not worth it. I don’t like the culpability involved in house-sitting, and it drained me to sleep away from home for so long and to constantly be taking things over to the house. I always brought clothes over, toiletries, random food items, and just various things that were annoying because they were constantly nagging on my mind. For such a little time involvement (twice a day) it was always on my mind and I always worried that if they came back to a house that was anything less than impeccable, their entire vacation would have been ruined.

Anyway, I can’t really recount everything that happened in the last week, but from now on I will post at least once a day unless I can’t get to a computer (retreat). It will be part of my summer mission to keep this blog rolling and interesting!

State of the Union

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