Let’s Eat, America

I found a recipe for a 4th of July cake a few months ago on one of my favorite food blogs, 17andBaking.

I reminded my family several times that this cake was all eye-candy, not so much mouth-candy–you’re typical kind of candy.

The recipe only calls for three cakes: red, white, and blue, but the box mix that I used makes two cakes per box, and we bought two boxes. My dad took the extra cake and put it in a bag in our refrigerator, and I guess we’re going to use it to disguise our dogs’ medicines. Not the point. The point is that because you need three cakes and you dye to of them odd colors, the recipe recommends that you don’t stress over a high quality cake.

So, I bought Duncan Hines cake mix. Not something I typically do.

Baking the cakes is relatively simple, except for that the box recipe only used egg whites. What is that? When did box recipes start demanding I separate egg yolks? You need to slow your roll, box cakes, you’re getting a little too confident in yourself. You need to be eggs, water, and oil. No fancy business.

After you bake the cakes, you cut the red and the white cake in half. Then things get tricky.

You stack one half of the red, one half of the white, and the whole blue on top of each other. Then you take a cup or a bowl and cut out a circle from the center of the three cakes.

You then remove the circle so you have three doughnut looking cakes.

For the blue, you throw out the hole part and keep the doughnut part.

For the red and the white, you throw out the doughnut part and keep the hole part.

Then, on top of the other red and white half, you put the the blue doughnut. Inside the doughnut, you stack the red and white wholes. That way you have a blue outer layer, but a red and white inner layer, with a red and white base.

If you are an amazing baker and having a nationally-renowned blog, your cake looks like this when you are finished:


















If you are Mark Stenberg, your cakes look like this:





Let’s Eat, America

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