My Email to Starbucks

Dear Starbucks,

               As far as customers go, I’m pretty much your regular guy. I am eighteen years old and prefer to make coffee at my house if I am going to drink it. However, when I want to meet and talk with someone, or for some reason I can’t make my own coffee—Starbucks is my go-to coffee shop. I enjoy the atmosphere, the product quality is consistently high, and most of all, I like that Starbucks tries hard to be an environmentally friendly corporation.

               I understand that it is difficult to run a business chain as large as Starbucks in an environmentally responsible manner, but I can see and appreciate the effort that Starbucks makes as a company. I bought a refillable mug as soon as I could and will not order a drink without it. I commend you for making your disposable cups as eco-friendly as they are, but obviously they are just the least of many evils. The best thing for the environment is refillable mugs or glassware, and that notion is the basis of my inquiry.

               I am young and am not a manically devoted patron, but I am sure that at one point Starbucks used to serve their drinks in glassware as long as the customer mentioned that their drink was “for here.” My complaint is limited geographically, as I do not travel far from San Antonio and do not know what stores are like nation-wide, but I figure my typical Starbucks represent the company’s policies as a whole. None of the Starbucks in my area serve their “for here” drinks in glassware anymore, and I was wondering why that is?

               Serving drinks in glass cups or ceramic mugs, or whatever mug is appropriate, seems like a win-win for Starbucks as a company and Starbucks as an environmental steward. You save money on disposable cups, and the earth benefits because there is less unnecessary refuse. I would understand if the disposable cups actually cost so much less than glassware to use that it were more cost-efficient to use only disposable cups, but I can hardly believe that is the case; and, even if it is, Starbucks has always been a company that is not afraid to charge the customer more in the name of “doing the right thing.” (Which I support).


               I would really appreciate a reply, even if it is just to tell me that San Antonio is the only city to not use glassware. I like what Starbucks is doing and represents, and I’m just curious as to why you no longer use glassware to serve “for here” drinks.


Mark Stenberg

My Email to Starbucks

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