in.gredients and MLF

First of all, get your mind out of the gutter, it stands for Mobile Loaves and Fishes.

in.gredients made good on their promise that they would release their future store’s location today, Friday the 15th. I was hoping and praying that it would be near UT so that maybe I could work there, but I figured that there was no market for a grocery store that sells only bulk, precycled, low-refuse goods. Thinking ahead, before you grocery shop, is hard enough for adults, and nearly impossible for college students who have better things to do. I figured that in.gredients would be situated in Barton Springs, or in a more affluent part of town.

But What Do I Know?

Go look it up, it’s so close to UT. Sooo close.
Last year I was a member of the UT Community Garden. Texas purchased a small area of land which we divided into plots and individually maintained and gardened after paying a fee of $10. The point of the story is that the Community Garden is located in nearly the exact same location. I would walk to the garden every day to water and maintain it, so I know now that I will have a bike at UT, I will make the journey happily and nearly sweat-free.
I guess my story would make a lot more sense if I told you I sent in.gredients an email inquiring about working for them. I got the subscription post from them this morning that told me their location, and I literally responded from my phone immediately, asking for a job because I would love to work there and it’s so close. It seems weird that I work for H.E.B. and a Farmer’s Market, and now I’m trying to get a job at a new breed of grocery store; I have a food marketing fetish I think. I’ll keep you posted on what they say.
In other food news, I emailed a foundation that I heard about at the beginning of the summer. Formerly called the Karpophoreo Project, Genesis Gardens is a community food project of MLF’s Community First! housing program. Genesis Gardens is about growing good food, building a strong community, and empowering the homeless through small-scale urban agriculture projects. MLF is a non-profit that grows food and collects food from different local gardens and cooks and delivers it to homeless people in need. Mobile Loaves and Fishes is the large, umbrella organization that consists of several smaller committees that are in charge of certain tasks. I am interested in Genesis Gardens, but not in a once-a-week volunteer status. I sent Genesis Gardens an email inquiring about working for them on a legitimate basis, or at least working for free. I would be happy to volunteer once a week if my schedule permits, but the combination of God and food-to-those-who-are-hungry is so enticing to me, so quintessentially my interests, that I don’t think once a week would satisfy me. MLF works through churches in the area, so the Executive Lady whom I called told me to get in contact with the church nearest me. I did so, telling them I would in Austin for the semester and available to volunteer and then some, but I haven’t heard back from them yet.
In all, I’m very excited that at least one of these two things will pan out and I will get to be involved in Austin doing something with food, the environment, spreading the Gospel, and growing my own interests. What a blessing
in.gredients and MLF

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