Girl Meets Guatemala

This is the Girl

















And this is the Guatemala










I met Victoria this year because we’re both in the Plan II Program at UT, and more importantly, because we shared our year-long World Literature class, oh and I guess more importantly, because we’re both in Young Life. I’m blessed to say that she is one of my best friends that I met this year at UT, and she’s really fun to hang out with if you ever feel liking hanging out with someone really weird.

She didn’t drink coffee until like two months ago, and now she’s completely addicted. She is an amazing photographer, and will probably be taking pictures of whale sharks for National Geographic in a few years. She is YL to the core, and in the best way possible– she spends so much time with her kids and does it for no other reason than that she sincerely loves them. She wrote an incredibly illuminating paper on the Foster Care System, which her paper told me is pretty messed up. She has the eating habits of a ten-year old, but is working on changing them. Her brother is in high school, but he’s already in a fraternity. She is also a Sorority Sister, Tri Delt baby! She bought new Chacos instead of old Chacos, because she has the patience of a coked-out ferret. But then she made up her eco-unfriendly fault by buying me a Don Juan taco from Juan in a Million. She is a really cool person.

But, that’s not why I’m blogging about her. I’m blog about Victoria because she too has a blog (although she got the idea from me). Right now, she is in Guatemala on a Plan II Travel Grant which is amazing. She is really tech-savvy, and at UT, she took her laptop everywhere; but, I guess that gets you to Guatemala. She has been blogging consistently about what she is doing, but the real reason to visit her blog is the pictures. She is an amazing photographer and has landscapes that receive her talent well– the pictures on her blog are breathtaking. Guatemala has that vibrant mix of Spanish colonialism and indigenous flair that results in everything being stone and tall, brightly colored, or extremely derelict. Regardless, if for no other reason check out her blog for the pictures.

Girl Meets Guatemala

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