Homemade Bagels?

Ya, I didn’t think you could do it either; but, when you think about it, someone, in some home, had to make bagels once, right?

If you didn’t know, bagels are created in a very unique way. They are –to my knowledge– the only bread that is boiled before it is baked. I knew that, but I never really knew what difference it would make. My brother loves H.E.B. bagels, and since they’re always at my house, I’ve eaten quite a few bready, store-bought bagels. My dad would always come back from the East Coast raving about the bagels there; and ya, I don’t live under a rock, I’ve heard about Jewish bagels, and East Coast bagels, and traditional bagels, yada yada yada. I didn’t really understand what my dad meant when he said that store-bought bagels are just too “bready.”

“Bready?” I would ponder, of course they are, they’re bread.

Wrong, Mark’s subconscious, very wrong. Because of the way bagels are made (boiled and baked), they are not supposed to taste like bread in a circle. Bagels are supposed to have a crisp, almost baguette like outter crust, but the inside is supposed to be airy, expansive, stretch-apart soft and chewy.

In New York, my dad says they don’t cut their bagels in half, most of the time they will just buy one and eat it like an apple. A lot of the time they will just eat a big, thick bagel with coffee and that’s breakfast, and after eating a bagel that works your jaws, I can see how that would be a legit breakfast. Old School bagels just taste different. And WAY better. The soft feeling of a bagel, how you can sqeeze it and it returns to form, that is not a bready bagel. I don’t know where in San Antonio you can buy an authentic bagel, but now I’m determined to find out.

This is the first batch of bagels that I made following a recipe that used bread flour, a STUPID forming technique, boiled for one minute, and baked with steam at 500 degrees. They tasted great but were a little too small, and the shape was really messed up on many of them. Also, the outside was a little more done than I would have liked, but my dad approved.20110720-092221.jpg




These are my second batch of bagels that I made this afternoon. I made them with AP flour, formed then in a sensible way, boiled them for seven minutes, and then baked them at 375 degrees. The recipe only made eight, but they’re a lot bigger and softer. I haven’t eaten one yet.




Homemade Bagels?

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