Eduardo Castillo

I want to write a small blog about my good friend Eduardo Castillo, who passed away a few days ago.

I learned that he died on Wednesday from a fried, and soon the news spread because a lot of people had a deep love for him. Our relationship had thinned, but not because I liked him any less, just because we went our separate ways and didn’t hang out with the same people. When he died I was sad, but not at the same level as a lot of people. I write this post not because I was his best or closest friend, but because we were good friends and I loved him, and this is something I think shows the respect I have for him.

Ed went to high school with me at Antonian and we were pretty good friends freshman and sophomore year. He didn’t play sports, but he was very creative and intelligent, and used to play classical guitar so well it made people cry when he did it in class. He was smart and well-read about very profound things like poverty, government, religion, and happiness, which I really idolized as a young kid. He taught me to play the basics of guitar, but I would be omitting a big part of his personality if I didn’t talk about his humor. Eduardo was hilarious. He had an amazing laugh where if he thought something was really funny, he would bend at his waist like he was going to slap his knee, but he would raise one fist to his mouth to cover his mouth. He would wave his other arm for you to stop if he was laughing really hard. It is bad, but a lot of his jokes were making fun of people, which as a form of humor I do not support. However, it was funny.

Ed had a rough life with his father passing away and his mom being pretty busy, but he always made the best out of it and could always make me laugh. As a senior I had the blessing of being a part of a class called Statistics. Statistics was unique because it was the first time that class was being taught, and it was offered only to student who would have been in calculus but opted to take Stats, a.k.a. smart kids who didn’t want to work hard. Also, funny kids. That class was literally the funniest class I have ever been in my whole life. I got to share it with Eduardo and we had some pants-peeing funny moments, and I’m glad I shared that with him seeing as how he died so early.

He changed a lot of peoples’ lives and was genuinely a good kid with a good heart, despite some problems he had to deal with in his life. I will miss him and his laugh and his jokes and his inner-romantic and his guitar and turn tables and his terribly stocked pantry and his funny t-shirts and his glasses. I will miss Eduardo Castillo, and I’m broken-hearted that he had to go. Pray for his soul so that one day we can see him in Heaven, and he can give Ale’ crap when we all reunite.

Eduardo Castillo

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