White Whine

White Whine is a comedy website much like FML, or DearBlank Please Blank, except for that it’s funny. With other comedy websites, you get used to the same sort of jokes and one of the fatal flaws is that the sites allow users to upload their own posts. Yes, there is some selectivity, but with White Whine the moderator loads everything. The creator of the site combs Facebook and takes submissions from people, but he ultimately decides what goes on the website.

The idea of the website is to make fun of problems that usually accompany affluence, a.k.a. rich people problems. I can explain because it’s a pretty simple concept, but you’d be doing yourself a favor if you went and checked out the website. The reason that I chose to blog about White Whine is because I had a moment today where I white-whined. My housekeeper comes over once a month, and I found myself very irritated that I had to be out of the house for three hours during the middle of the day. I was mad because now I had to go eat lunch with a friend at Panera Bread (kind of pricey) and then go to Spectrum (very pricey), while someone cleaned my house.

I realized that I was peeved for no good reason, and that having to leave the house while the person we pay to clean it is cleaning it, is a problem that 99% of the world probably wishes they had to deal with themselves. Sadly though, it’s a burden that middle-upper class white folk have to carry all by ourselves.

I realize that I have a lot of things that are blessing, and White Whine makes you realize not to complain about a lot of things, in addition to making you laugh at how stupid and snobby people come off.

“would be watching True Blood but there’s no HBO at my beach house :'(”

Mediator: “At least there’s a beach at your beach house…”

White Whine

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