Mark. Angry.

Not at you, at WordPress.

I do not own a nice camera, and even if I did, I probably would forget to use it. That’s why I am glad that WordPress has a mobile App that works with my iPhone. I take pictures on my iPhone and then upload them onto blogs using the WordPress Mobile App. BOoOom

For the second time this summer the app has stopped allowing me to upload pictures. As I click on the picture from my album I want to use, the app shuts off. There is no explanation, and last time this happened, I had to go pic-less for two weeks. It appears I will have to do the same this week.

I am frustrated because I have some funny posts to do but I really need the pics from my phone. I don’t want to degrade the posts by writing them and omitting pictures, so I’m simply going to wait on doing them and hope that I have time to blog about things last week, two weeks from now.

Until then, I will just do graphic-less posts that make me sad.

Here is a picture that cured my frown, and might help you too, who knows?


Mark. Angry.

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