This was the best summer of my life because I…

…got promoted to cashier!

…worked at a farmer’s market weekly and got to hear about organic agriculture from people who don’t farm organically, they just “farm the way you ought to. Oh, that’s organic? Well then ya.”

…made several life-changing relationships

…went on my sophomore A.C.T.S. retreat and loved it even more than the first

…hot tubbed enough to make one hundred batches of human stew

…maintained and grew my blog that has blessed me in so many ways

…had the time to expand my mind through reading and talking about things that I love dearly

…read the Bible

…began praying more and strengthening my faith in God

…did V.B.S.!

…got to see my future roomates whom I love

…hung out multiple times with different groups of friends, and realized that they are so much more important than anything Antonian, St. George, or UT can ever give me on a slip of paper

…explored and cultivated new hobbies like baking, walking, going to Mass, gardening, and blogging

…relished old, trusted hobbies like Fantasy Football, running, cooking, hot-tubbing, “getting coffee,” staying out late, reading, and doing adventures

…took my personal commitment to living environmentally friendly to the next level by constantly questioning and dissecting my actions, reducing my carbon-impact, and hopefully impacting others’ thoughts

…successfully bought fewer material items than ever before (not perfect, though)

…got to know my parents on a deeper level

…took steps to ensure that I will very involved and busy doing things I love this fall at UT

…am starting to imperfectly realize how many gifts God has given me

…had friends who: went to: {Guatemala, Belize, Florida, Alaska, Rome, the Caribbean, AND HONDURAS}, wrote books, recorded an album, worked on an organic farm for a month, taught at an inner-city school in Denver, did molecular research under the eye of scientists, toured with their band in California and Michigan, worked at Rudy’s!, got into UT, are doing No Impact Man for themselves, made their own furniture, worked at internships for Valero and a consulting firm, and are teaching impoverished children in Afghanistan

…knocked a lot of items off of my Bucket List

…got a good Chacos tan

This was the best summer of my life because I…

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