My Fantastic Fantasy Football Reality

I spent Friday night with one of my favorite groups of people in the world–my fantasy league owners. They are a motley mix of friends from high school, people I didn’t know that well from high school but have since befriended, and Matt White’s little brother, who isn’t too bad. There is a word that I strive to use, but I never get an occasion for it to really shine. I feel like when I describe these guys, the word applies. The word is “bonhomie.” The definition is “exuberant friendliness,” but contextually it does not just translate to being really friendly. It has a lot to do with fraternity, in the notational sense, as in guys in solidarity kind of thing. To me, it describes your cheeks hurting when you walk to the bathroom because you’ve been smiling all night, and arguing and yelling at someone because you know that nothing can hurt ya’lls friendship. My fantasy football crew is the only group of people in the world who, to me, are “bonhomous.”

Enough of the mush-talk though, let’s get fantasy dirty. The draft went pretty well for me, but I historically do not have a very strong roster. I make acquisitions and trades throughout the season which have catapaulted me to victory for two consecutive years, but I would concede that draft day is not my (matt) forte. We didn’t do an online draft like usual, instead, we opted to use a massive white-board and haphazard collections of players’ names and predictions. There were no serious hiccups to the draft, except for one minor issue of Matt drafting Run D.M.C. late in the game because everyone had thought he was drafted; he wasn’t.

There is so much I can say about my league, so instead of dropping it all in one post, I’ll spread it out through the year as I give weekly updates on my team and status in the league.

Here is my linup:

QB: Tom Brady

QB: Mark Sanchez

RB: Frank Gore

RB: Ryan Grant

RB/WR: Ahmad Bradshaw

WR: Marques Colston

WR: Vincent Jackson

WR/TE: Julio Jones

TE: Vernon Davis

D: Ravens

D: Lions

Bench Players (in order from best to trade-bait): Jonathan Stewart, Cam Newton, Michael Bush, Ryan Torrain, Steve Breaston, Jason Snelling, Jordan Shipley, Visanthe Shiancoe, Randy Moss

I am currently trying to obtain a higher end WR like Dez B, Miles A, or Andre J for some combination of A. Bradshaw, J. Stewart, Julio Jones, Lions D, and Michael Bush.

My Fantastic Fantasy Football Reality

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