My College Schedule

This schedule does not take into account any time that I will need for important things like YoungLife, UT Community Garden, *OneTexas,* small group, In.gredients, Rasta Pasta, contact work, Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Feed My People, *Potential Coffee Business,* Fantasy Football, Catholic stuff, or FIFA. (*will blog about later*)

20110811-125023.jpgI guess this schedule is kind of important though, because I will actually be taking classes this fall at UT. Fifteen hours of them–that’s 900 minutes of class each week–54,000 seconds! Seeing as how I will be devoting 54,000 seconds a week to putting my butt in chairs and writing things down on a piece of paper, I might as well do amazingly well at them. It’s that easy, right? RIGHT?

To be honest (I wasn’t lying before), I’m really excited about my classes this fall. They seem easy to me, and they are manageable as far as intensity goes. They’re mostly liberal arts classes, with no science or math, which are usually my hiccups. Plus, I’m genuinely interested in four out of five of them, and that always helps.

My classes for Fall 2011 are: Philosophy (Probs Of Knowledge & Valuation), Logic and Modes of Reasoning, Intro To Classical Mythology, This Human World: Intro To Geography, and Western Civ In Mod Times-Plan II.

Philosophy, Logic and Modes, and Western Civ are all Plan II classes, and the first Philosophy is notorious in Plan II, because everyone has to take the same curriculum with the same teacher for a whole year, so it’s a shared yoke.

I am not excited about Intro to Geography because I know the class will be held in a massive auditorium with a droll professor who doesn’t want to be there either. I have to take it though because I switched my second major to Environmental Resource Conservation, which is in the Geography Department. Hence, an intro to Geography.

My final class is Classical Mythology, about which I am very excited. I took three solid years of mythology history in my Latin classes during high school. I, like most students, liked Latin history and mythology way more than the grammar. The class is not Plan II, so it will be slower and more basic. I think I know a little about everything we’re going to learn, and if I don’t know it now, I’m really interested in learning it. I love mythology and I needed to fulfill a Fine Arts credit, so I thought I’d kill to Minotaurs with one stone.

I’m particularly looking forward to the Western Civ class because I took its precursor, a Plan II class, and was challenged by it. We moved quickly and read a lot of fantastic literature, and that was when we covered the Middle Ages. This follow-up Western Civ goes from the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution in Western Europe, and I can’t wait to have a brilliant teacher to make it as interesting as possible.

I only have one class Monday, Wednesday, Friday, with a Discussion group on Monday and on Friday. The bulk of my classes are on Tuesday and Thursday; and in fact, on Thursday, I will be in class constantly from 9:30 to 4:30. Not unheard of (people did it in high school), but I certainly have not had such a full day of college classes yet. I will be spent on Thursdays I imagine, but I’ll so much free time on Monday and Wednesday to prepare, I should be able to finish everything I need to do with enough time to win Fantasy Football for the third year running.

My College Schedule

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