New Phone

This afternoon I got a new, white iPhone Four because I accidentally left my old phone in the pocket of my shorts. My brother put all the laundry into the washing machine and started the cycle, and when I finished my shower and started looking for my phone, I ran to the washing machine. None of this was my brother’s fault, I’m not implying that in the least. It was my fault for leaving my phone in my pocket, and –if anything–I am grateful to him for doing some of my laundry. I untangled my phone from its web tomb and started pressing buttons frantically. At first it looked like it might recover, but it was completely wet and soon the screen went black, never to light up again. All this happened Wednesday right before I went to work, around two in the afternoon.

That night I had made plans to meet up with my friend Bridget so I could get my necklace back from her, and then I was going to go hang out with Hayleigh. I couldn’t contact either of them, even though I made several calls, trying to get their phone numbers. I spent the night at home with my parents watching “Friday Night Lights,” which is a great movie that I had never seen all the way through. I was distraught the entire time though over leaving my friends out to dry, especially Bridget, who showed up at The Rim and waited for me to come but I couldn’t contact her. When I got my phone today I apologized and am meeting up with her tonight.

Originally I wanted to just replace my old Iphone, but I found out online that water damage typically is not covered, and even if they made an exception to their limited warranty, I had owned my phone long enough that the warranty no longer applied. The bad news then: replacing the phone I had would cost me $199. The good news: getting a brand new phone would cost me $199. I was eligible to upgrade and so I reckoned that because it was the same price for a superior product, it was worth it, so I forked over the $199 and got a brand new phone. I’m setting it up now and it seems pretty cool, but I figure it’ll be awhile before I see what all the new gizmos do.

I feel kind of guilty buying this new phone, especially because I hadn’t bought any major purchases all summer in an attempt to spend less on material things and tithe more. I could argue for either point on this issue, especially regarding the Iphone, but at the end of the day I feel bad about it. I also feel bad that I am excited about it and obviously blogging about. It’s a weird emotion, I guess. I paid for it myself, so I feel good about that, but I could have just bought a cheap $20 phone. I asked myself “then how would I listen to music,” and then answered myself “you don’t need music.” “How can I check email?” “Like regular humans check email.” “How can I manage my bank account?” “From your computer, like most humans.” I realize the Iphone spoiled me, but I’m spoiled by practicality. I don’t have any apps that I had to pay for; I barely have anything on it at all, but I only realized last night how critical it is to my life. At this point in my life, I couldn’t function without it. Not that I’m “addicted,” but I couldn’t get my work schedule from HEB, contact my friends (I don’t have many numbers memorized), transfer money, write to-do lists, find places using the Maps app, or read the newspaper. Without the Iphone, I would be a less functional member of society. It’s weird, but I almost need an Iphone to be relevant in the world–to be able to what I need to quickly and efficiently.

New Phone

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