University of Texas

Well if you couldn’t tell or didn’t know, I’ve moved back to Austin! I go to UT in Austin, and I’m my majors are Plan II and Environmental Resource Conservation. I’m a sophomore with thirty three hours, and I’m living at the only “private dorm” on the UT campus. The name of the dorm is “Dobie,” and I’m sharing a four person dorm/apartment with my roomate from last year Sean Flack, and two of my other friends from UT–Michael Tyler and Will McCraney.

I moved in Saturday afternoon with the help of the Dobie RA’s, who are all obligated to help everyone move in. Over the course of three days, they move a couple thousands students and all their luggage into twenty-eight floors of living space. Michael Tyler, with whom I am sharing a room, had moved in on Friday, and was the first guy of us four into the room. I moved in the next day, along with Will, who has periodically moved in over the course of three days. Sean just showed up today with the Flack Clan, and now everyone finally has all their stuff into the room. Our place is still a mess though, with plastic bags of food and boxes of clothes littering the floor all the way from the front door to the living room table. We’ll get moved in and situated comfortably over the next two days, because school starts on Wednesday.

Last night I spent pretty much all my time with a good friend of mine Victoria Haas. She came with me as I ate dinner at Kerby Lane, and then we went to Starbucks for some refreshing refreshments. After that I walked home and ran into an Antonian friend and talked to her for awhile, then came back to Dobie. It was just Mike and me in the room with no TV’s, so we talked for awhile and I asked him the “Roomate Profile” questions. I know Mike pretty well already, but I’m really looking forward to getting the kind of relationship I had with Sean, with him. This morning I woke up and went to eat breakfast at Dobie, which has a really lame “pre-meal-plan meal plan.” The official meal plan doesn’t start till the first day of school (Wednesday), so they gave us the option to pay for six meals at wack prices, or feed ourselves from the city until school starts. I picked the meal plan because it seemed to make sense, but none of my roomies did, and the meal times are wack. They serve food from 10-1 and 4-6. You can’t really sqeeze three meals out of that plan, but today I was lucky enough to be fed at my YL meeting. Tomorrow I’m going to have to lunch out, or dinner out.

I woke up later than I wanted to, but I don’t like doing things until I have eaten breakfast, so I just refused to start my day until 10:00. After I ate, I went to the library to type a paper to submit to the Normandy Scholars Program. I’ll talk about that later. Turns out the library was closed, so I went to the Union building. Closed. So I went to a coffee place. There I sent some good emails, but then got bogged down in picking a place to eat dinner for my Birthday Dinner this Wednesday. As soon as I had picked something out (Mother’s Cafe), Sean called and I left to help him unpack. Normandy can wait.

I helped him unpack, then Mike and I went to get some lunch at Austin’ Pizza. We ate there and walked around a little bit, then left and came back to Dobie. I sent some more emails, organized and unpacked a bit more, typed up my schedule, and did some other important (boring) junk, and then got ready for Mass. After Mass I ran into my old friend Aaron Schulze, who is apparently living in Dobie! So that’s one more person to eat with this year! Then Audrey picked me up and we went to our first YL meeting of the year, because Travis (the high school where I talk to kids about Jesus) has its first day tomorrow. We organized and talked about the year and our summers, and then my friend Stephan dropped me off. Then Sean and I walked on Guadalupe until Katelyn picked us up to come hang with some of our friends and her parents at Kerby Lane. They took us home afterwords, and now Sean and I are going to go to “skit night” for Alpha Phi, and go hang at Adriana’s.

The rush and fun of Austin has already hit in full-force, and only three-quarters of my friends are here. I’m so excited for Austin, and I have to keep reminding myself that there is going to be school this Fall too. Bummer. Tomorrow I have an early morning with Tyler so we can eat breakfast (Dobie’s dumb food times) before we hit up Travis for their first morning at school! I’m so excited for it, because I’ll finally get a look at the freshmens’ faces. Those are the guys I will be trying to get to come to Campaigner’s and Club, and hopefully Wilderness this summer! But all that’s later. For now: skit night, Adriana’s, Denny’s at 6:45, FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, and then see what Austin puts in my lap.

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University of Texas

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