Why My Roomates Rock

Presented to me at midnight:







Mike pretended to be asleep for twenty minutes just to execute the flawless surprise. Then, when it was time, he left our room (which has a bathroom), when I asked where he was going, he responded “Bathroom.” I was suspicious. He and Sean came in singing a weird Eastern European Happy Birthday chant, and gave me this Manchester City jersey!

At my bedside when I woke up this morning:







Vegan Raspberry Pancakes! Sean got up at six thirty this morning to go get them from Kerby Lane, because he knows I love their pancakes. Plus, we just discovered the other night that in addition to having a pancake of the day, they also have a vegan pancake of the day; which, and I am not lying for the sake of dead animals, taste great. Thicker, if anything, more like soft bread. Maybe a little drier, but I wouldn’t have noticed the difference had I not been told they were vegan. They were awesome. Silly Sean though, he brought me butter for my vegan pancakes. It was a rockin gift though.

Also, for very early birthday gifts, my dad already renewed my magazine subscription to Esquire. At midnight I got a “gift renewal subscription” email, and so I thanked him this morning. I LOVE BEING NINETEEN

Why My Roomates Rock

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