Austin Bat Fest

Because Austin is weird and celebrates the bats that fly out from under the Congress Bridge every night, someone decided to make a “fest” of it, something Austinites seem to love. 

The festival was on Congress Bridge, and in my opinion, there were very few bats involved, either real or fake. There were however, a plethora of vending booths selling everything from Peruvian panchos to wolf t-shirts, fried chicken to sushi, lemonade to 4 Lokos (not that big of a difference actually).

There was a band that the people I went with really wanted to see called the Bob Schneider Band. I had never heard of him before, but his music was a nice sort of palatable country music. I was jamming out until it was time to leave, and now I think we’re going to a friend’s party, but plans change.

But lest I neglect the reason for all the fun things I’ve done today, I must tell you that Gabi Montemayor was here all day! She is visiting from San Antonio, and I’m trying to show her some UT life, but sadly it’s too hot to do anything but eat at places and sit inside of places, and so the pickings have been thin. Still though, BatFest was tight and I think the night will turn out well.

Here was the only bat(cow):

Austin Bat Fest

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