What Would You Buy with a $25 iTunes Gift Card?

I bought:

  • By Bon Iver: Flume; For Emma; Re: Stacks; Blood Bank
  • By Katy Perry (judge me): Firework
  • By: Explosions in the Sky: A Poor Man’s Memory; What do You Go Home To?; The Birth and Death of the Day
  • By Lucy Michelle and the Violet Lapelles: 36th; Connect the Dots; Chinese Lantersn; Peachy Keen; Polda Dot Lake; With You; Osbick Bird; Traffic; Postcard
  • By Knaye West: Otis

I still have enough money for four more songs, and I want to hear your recommendations. I would prefer if you suggested just one song, or even just an artist, but I really can’t decide what last few songs to buy. As you can see from the music I bought, I’m not really feeling any one vibe right now, but lately I have been listening to a lot of folk music, like Johnny Flynn and Lucy Michelle, so I’d be disposed to a recommendation along those lines. Really whatever would be fine though, as long as it’s good. I have very few internal qualms about buying commercial music like “Firework” so long as I like the song a lot; and I really like “Firework,” to a really odd degree. I feel like Katy Perry gets me.

If you ever want to get someone a good gift, iTunes giftcards are great, because they say I don’t know at all what kind of music you like or even what your interests are, but I’m assuming you listen to music because if you don’t what the heck is wrong with you.

What the recipient of the gift thinks is: he cares about me and knows I love music! What a thoughtful gift!

Then the recipient, a.k.a. me, gets his gift card and faces several very tempting impulsive purchases, such as “I Can Show You the World” from the Aladdin soundtrack. Hopefully your gift-reciever is able to overcome those impulses (I do still have four dollars left…) and buys solid music that he will listen to for years to come.

I recommend Bon Iver, I’m really starting to get deep into his music, and with ACL coming up (although he’s not performing), I’m reminded that it benefits the listener to invest in the artists he enjoys listening to, because then the experience is better for both parties. If you like folk music and want to hear something different, check out Lucy Michelle and especially the song “Light.” “Otis” is my favorite Kanye song from “Watch the Throne,” and Kanye and Jay-Z totally pull off the no-chorus jam. Fireworks is the theme song to my life. Explosions in Sky is from Austin (!) and is some of the best study music in the world, second only to Christian hymns (weird but true).



What Would You Buy with a $25 iTunes Gift Card?

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