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As I write this article, I am sitting in The Daily Texan office, typing on a swanky Mac computer that I have no idea how to operate. People are all around me at their computers, and the more I think about it, the less sure I am that it’s ok for me to blog from here. But oh well!

I am in the process of trying out for UT’s premiere student newspaper, The Daily Texan. I have written for two other newspapers here at UT, but neither of them is on The Texan’s level. UWeekly was a weekly newspaper that revolved around an area of expertise that is not mine–nightlife. Before that, I wrote an article for “Our Campus,” which was actually a newspaper that targeted UT faculty as its primary audience. The Daily Texan is really the only student newspaper that a student would read, and that’s mostly because it publishes everyday, and it does a coherent job of covering the news. I am not sure I am journalistic material, but I have to throw my hat in the ring to find out.

I was instructed to come into the office this morning at eight thirty so the editors could give me my story. I came into an office with four girls seated in chairs, and the editor at his desk delegating stories. I ended up, partly because of chivalry and partly because of idiocy, with the worst story. I was assigned to write an article about construction on the UT campus and in West Campus, a popular place for students to live off-campus. The thing that was very different about my experience at The Texan was that my article was due at five that evening, a far cry from the lax due dates of my former paramour papers.

I sat down in the office around nine and worked on calling people, mostly state-sponsored construction businesses, about the latest info on what kind of construction was taking place at and around UT. It was slow going and I felt overwhelmed, still unaccustomed to such a short deadline. I made some good work, but was still really skeptical as to whether or not I wanted to work like this. Partly because it’s hectic and occupies my mind the entire day, and partly because it means that on my “day off,” Wednesday, I am busy all day and can’t go to Travis for Young Life.

I went to class from eleven to twelve and then roamed West Campus looking for interviews, and asked a few random people questions about the road work occurring on Rio Grande. After that I got lunch and then headed to Speedway to get an interview with some construction managers working on-site. I ended spending about an hour talking to Joel and John, and while I learned a lot, I feel bad because I didn’t need/couldn’t use all the information they gave me.

Immediately from there I went to the Student Activities Center to type up my final 400-500 word article and finished around four thirty. I raced back to Dobie to shower and then headed to where I am now, the office of The Daily Texan. After looking like an idiot because I have no idea how to operate a Mac computer, I finally downloaded my article. Now I have to wait for the editors to look at my article so they can go over revisions with me, but I’m not really allowed to leave until they do so. I have no time frame for long this will take, and they encouraged me to get food, which is good and bad. Mostly bad, because that means I’ll be here for awhile. So, I’m going to go snag some grub, hunker down with some homework, and wait for my garbage article to get eviscerated.

I’ll post it if it gets published, but I don’t like the topic, and I don’t think you will either. Good news is, I have one more trial day, so maybe then things will be better.

The Daily Texan

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