Fantasy Football: Week One

If it wasn’t for Tom Brady, I would be the laughing-stock of our entire league right now for putting up a paltry eighty-five points without him. On Sunday night, Brady came storming to the rescue of my dignity by performing in a spectacular fashion. He threw for over 500 yards and had four touchdowns and an interception; imagine how good his number would have been without that interception. Regardless, he had the biggest week of the entire league, and he broke his old career-bests on the first game–the first Monday night football–of the season.

Still, it wasn’t enough to save my sad, sad team performance. I’m not completely disheartened, because I saw some positives come from my bench, but I don’t have the comforting cushion of a win to set my two-time defending champion butt upon. I played Matt White, team name “The Whites Templar,” who had the second best team performance of the week. It seems to be my luck to constantly lose to the team that had one of the best performances of the week. For example, I consistently score enough points to beat seven out of ten teams, but I play one of the three teams that outscored me. Then, the next week, in some sort of sick game of Musical Chairs, I still score more points than seven out of ten teams, but my opponent this week–who played terribly last week–has one the top three performances. Obviously I have only played one game so far this season, but losing to a team who played better than me, but performing better than almost every team I wasn’t competing against, was the motif of my last season. At the end of the season, I had scored the second most total amount of points, but also had the second most points scored against me.

Matt won this game fair and square, and I will definitely be on guard next time I play his team. The bright spots for my team were: Tom Brady’s performance, Bradshaw taking the lion’s share of the carries in New York, Julio Jones’ middle of the road game, Cam Newton’s game, the Raven’s and Lion’s defenses, and Mark Sanchez managing to not embarrass himself in the first game of the season.

The dark, foreboding spots for my team this week were: Marques Colston breaking his collar-bone, Ryan Grant’s kitten-like performance and subservience to James Starks, Vernon Davis and Frank Gore looking inefficient against a porous defense, and Julio Jones’ middle of the road game.

As is typical for me, I lost my first game of the season; I have lost my first game every year I’ve played. I picked up Danny Woodhead, Aaron Hernandez, am on the waiver wire for Caddy Williams, and am trying to get some trades going now that I can see more clearly my team and its qualities.


Fantasy Football: Week One

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