ACl Pictures: Day II

ACL Day II: Aloe Blacc, Young the Giant, Iron and Wine, Skrillex, Cut Copy, Chromeo, & Stevie Wonder


Aloe Blacc was really good and played my favorite song, his most popular, “I Need a Dollar.” His band has a lot of swag, and because I got to ACL around noon, I got a really good spot because few people come that early.





Young the Giant. Very good, and A LOT of energy. I didn’t know their music well, but it was really easy to dance to, but the lead singer was really vulgar.




Iron and Wine.


I was looking forward to Iron and Wine so much, and they did not dissapoint. Their music isn’t that high octane, but I knew more of their music than almost any of the other bands I heard the whole weekend, besides Kanye and Fleet Foxes.


A lot of instruments in this band, and the lead singer looks like Paul Giamatti.



Skrillex was great for dancing, and he’d always build the beat to a point where everyone knew it was time to start fist-pumping. His music makes for a great concert, but it’s not something I would listen to in other situations.


Plus, we were really far away.



We were far from Cut Copy too, but their performance was my favorite of the entire weekend.


They decked the stage out in foliage for some reason. Nothing in their music indicated that they had any special inclination for plants, but go figure.


Mike, Callen, and I were so high-spirited because of their music and performance that we were dancing absolutely nutso. We were flailing and jumping, kicking and punching. People formed a massive circle around us, and a lot of people ran to come dance with us. Some people were taking pictures and a lot of people were laughing, because Cal and I knew their music really well, and so we could make up funny dance moves because we knew the words and rythems.


The beginning of Chromeo, the “oh-wey-oo, Chrome-eoo” chanty was the best thing about them.


We left early.


I mostly went to Stevie Wonder so that I could say I’ve seen Stevie Wonder. We were really far away.


He is very talented and brought a lot of funky soul, but I just didn’t like his music too much. I knew I wouldn’t, but I stayed for awhile just so I could get a dose of what people like about him.


I respect the crap out of him, though. He was playing the keytar on his back doing the cockroach when it hit me: this dood may be famous cause he’s blind, or because he’s black, or because he’s intelligent, or because he’s spiritual, but one thing is for sure–he’s plays the piano like no one I’ve ever seen or heard. He makes it sound like a different instrument. So good.


ACl Pictures: Day II

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